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Setting the Direction Right (Editorial April 2015)

When the present government came to power in 2013, the country was grappling with a number of multifarious crises. On one side, the country’s economy was in the doldrums and on the other, the monster of terrorism was devouring innocent Pakistanis. If the industrial activity was brought to a virtual halt by an acute energy crisis, the agricultural sector was also hard hit by the flawed government policies. Given the recent successes, especially in the realms of economy and fight against terrorism, it is quite encouraging that the policies introduced and implemented by the Sharif government are bearing fruit.

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Exclusive Interview His Excellency Philip Barton

Philip Barton

British High Commissioner to Pakistan
During recent years we have tripled the number of scholarships for Pakistani students.

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Israel, US, And The Iranian Nucelar Deal

Israel, Iran, and the Iranian nuclear deal

On March 3, the US capital Washington D.C. witnessed an absurd political theatre when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared before a joint session of Congress — not the Knesset — to give a speech on the dangers of Iran’s nuclear weapons programme and used his podium in the US Congress to criticize the US President. How ironic, the political party that prides itself on being more patriotic than its rival, produced the spectacle of genuflecting to a foreign leader whose main aim was to thwart the upcoming US talks with Iran on letter’s nuclear programme. To repeated ovations from Republicans and a divided response from Democrats, the Israeli prime minister mostly explained his conviction that an agreement currently being brokered by the American government and other world powers is so bad that it “doesn’t block Iran’s path to the bomb; it paves Iran’s path to the bomb.”

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Pakistan’s Foreign Relations in 2014

Pakistan's Foreign Relations in 2014

The year 2014 has been a period of tumult as well as great gains in the realm of foreign policy. Pakistan’s relations with its neighbours except India and other superpowers improved a lot during this year. Pakistan, keeping in view its geostrategic position and econo-political conditions in present times, needs to enhance its bilateral relations with other countries. The association with some nations has been historically harmonious, however, with some it has been more of a roller coaster ride with a fair deal of ups and downs. Here is a brief analysis of how Pakistan’s foreign relations fared in 2014.

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Are The Iran Nuclear Talks Heading For A Deal

Are the Iran nuclear talks headinng for a deal

Winter into Spring: it’s a powerful symbol at the nuclear talks in Lausanne, on the shore of Lake Geneva.
The Iranian and American delegations are acutely aware this weekend brings one of the most important festivals in the ancient Persian calendar – Norouz or New Year
It now looks as if the Iranians will be back home in Tehran in time to exchange gifts with family and friends, but not yet carrying with them a huge political gift – an outline plan to limit their nuclear programme in exchange for the relaxation of international sanctions.
Instead, Iran’s foreign minister and his team have set up their own traditional Norouz table – the Haft Seen – in one of the splendid rooms of the 19th Century Beau-Rivage Palace Hotel.

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On Obama’s India Visit

On Obamas India visit

The tone for the US President’s much-talked-about visit to India was set well before he set off to New Delhi. As is the norm in high-profile foreign visits, President Obama spoke to India Today, an Indian publication, on a subject that touched the right chord with his Indian hosts. While expressing his country’s resolve to continue working with Pakistan in war on terror, he unequivocally said that “terrorists’ safe havens within Pakistan are not tolerable”. In what can be termed as toeing the Indian line, the president demanded that the culprits of Mumbai terror attacks must face justice; conveniently turning a blind eye to hitherto-forgotten investigation into Samjhota Express tragedy and recurring violations of Working Boundary by the Indian army.

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India, Russia & America A Love Triangle?


Russia is a country with which India has had a strategic relationship since decades. America is a place where Indians migrate to for a better life. That is how Indians view the world’s two leading powers. It’s as simple as that. US President Barrack Obama’s recent visit to India will not change that reality, and those speculating about dramatic changes in India’s foreign policy are either fools or amateurs – or both.

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National Action Plan (Editorial March 2015


Promoting Courage, Spirit and Resilience

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” _Nelson Mandela

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