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Reforming the Civil Services


In Pakistan, almost every young graduate aspires to join the Civil Services of Pakistan. They are fascinated by its unique charm, and by the authority that this service vests in the CSP officers. Besides this, hefty salary packages as well as numerous perks and privileges make this service the most coveted one. In short, this is the service where talent meets opportunity and dreams translate into reality. There are numerous instances where people who had been drawing huge salaries in private sector quit their jobs and decided to go for CSS. 

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10 Questions With Waseem Riaz Khan (PSP)


I have done BSc Engineering from UET Lahore. By the grace of Allah Almighty, I have been a brilliant student throughout my educational career. I have, in fact, been a topper during my school days while I maintained this position in FSc as well. Though I belong to the impoverished southern Punjab, yet I overcame every hurdle that came my way. I twice appeared in CSS and was allocated both times; first time in PAAS and second time in PSP.

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Introduction - Iffat-un-Nisa Saambhal and Farrah Deeba Saambhal


Hailing from Faisalabad two sisters, Iffat-un-Nisa Saambhal and Farrah Deeba Saambhal, achieved phenomenal success in PMS 2012. They qualified the exam with distinction and both are currently serving in Government of the Punjab. As PMS 2014 has been announced and all aspirants will be searching for the effective techniques and the most prudent strategy aimed at preparing for the PMS exam. To provide guidance to our readers, JWT recently had a chat with these two brilliant PMS officers.

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10 Questions with Prof Amer Aziz


Do not wait for the government to do things. Have faith in Allah, gather a good team and work with full devotion, then Allah will provide ways and means to success. Prof. Amer Aziz, a world renowned orthopaedic surgeon and a doctor of impeccable repute, is one of the few surgeons in Pakistan who not only have made their indelible mark on the medical profession but also have rendered praiseworthy services to the better provision of health facilities to the common man. It was due to his indefatigable campaign that AO Spine International, Switzerland, the largest spine organisation in the world, awarded a full-fledged chapter to Pakistan.

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Defence Budget


Myth 1: The allocation for defence is the single largest component in our budget. Not true.
The single largest allocation in Budget 2013-14 went to the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP). The second largest allocation in Budget 2013-14 went to servicing the national debt. The third largest government expenditure, including off the budget allocations, are the losses at public-sector enterprises (PSEs). Yes, the fourth largest government expenditure goes into defence.

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This Year’s Youm-e-Shuhada

The 5th Youm-e-Shuhada, held at the garrisons all over the country, this year served a special purpose. It was an occasion as every year since 2010 for the nation to pay homage to the ultimate sacrifices rendered by its martyrs for the cause of their motherland. But more than that, it also served to awaken the nation from its disgusting slumber. It was a timely wake-up call to a people who seem to have become shamelessly insensitive to their own existence.

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Egypt’s Eliminationism Policy Eedux

In a speech delivered before tens of thousands of anti-coup protesters at Rabaa al-Adawiya Square in July 2013, Muslim Brotherhood General Guide Mohamed Badie urged demonstrators to remain peaceful, even if violently attacked. He said, “Our revolution is peaceful, and it will remain peaceful... our peacefulness is more powerful than bullets... our peacefulness is stronger than (military) tanks, and we, with our peacefulness, are stronger than killing,” among other decidedly peaceful declarations. Badie's speech highlighted his willingness to die for the cause and might be aptly described as non-violent.

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Jugular Vein of Pakistan


General Raheel Sharif has, no doubt, endeared himself to countless people in Pakistan, India, Kashmir, Diaspora and at the international level who subscribe to the jurisprudence of UN mechanism (UN Resolutions) on Kashmir.

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World Top 10 Stories


Whose Faith, Whose Girls?, United We Stand, Divided We Fall, The Wrath of Nature, Another Plus for Pakistan, India Modi-fied, At the End of Their Tether, Denouncing the US Hegemony, Under the Boots Again, Still the “Securest Area”?, Easy SIMs, No More Stupid!

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The Growth of Administrative Law II


In the Subcontinent, the modern administrative setup, which included hierarchy of central, provincial and local services, was created by the British Raj. And, it ultimately gave birth to the unified form of executive. The creation of judicial system comprising lower courts, district courts, high courts and federal court was also envisaged to strengthen the system and to perform administrative responsibilities smoothly and efficiently. With the passage of time, economic activities continued to expand with new inventions and discoveries and responding to those became inevitable. It also warranted the promulgation of new laws, as well as rules and regulations.

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Dynamic Leadership A Conundrum


Fifty-seven Muslim countries, stretched from the Dark Continent to the shiny shores of Indonesia and Malaysia in Asia, are almost linked together like loops of a chain. The impotent and inept leaders have been calling the shots in internal as well as external affairs of these interconnected Muslim countries since decades. They have been organized under the umbrella of a toothless paper tiger “Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)”. The mountains, plains, deserts, shores in Muslim world abound in natural resources. It is estimated that 40% and 70% of natural resources and energy resources respectively are present in the Muslim world.

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World in Focus (April-May 2014)

National & International News & MCQs


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“An education isn’t how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It’s being able to differentiate between what you do know and what you don’t.”


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