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On Supremacy Of Constitution (Editorial July 2015)


A constitution is a body of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state is acknowledged to be governed. It is a sacrosanct document each and every provision of which must be faithfully and meticulously followed by all citizens of the state. On the one hand, it defines the status and the role of state’s premier organs, including the executive, the legislature and the judiciary, and enumerates the basic obligations of the State towards the citizens and vice versa on the other. Therefore, both the rulers and the ruled must hold the constitution supreme and abide by it because it’s the only way to put a country on the path that leads to a better political and socioeconomic order.

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The Purpose Of Prayer

Purpose of Prayer

The institution of prayer is found in all religions of the world in one form or the other. All the great religious personalities have recognised that prayer is communion with God — a link between the slave and his Master. Had there been no prayer, man’s life would have been completely rudderless and God would not have been a living force for him.

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Time Management in Public Service

Time management in public service

How to manage time and workload to improve efficiency
One of the main causes of stress that a public servant often faces in his service is mismanagement of time or failure in managing activities in time. There may be a number of reasons behind this phenomenon, ranging from time-wasters to lack of planning, organization or controlling activities in terms of time.

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Responding to the Change in Css Syllabus

Responding to the Change in CSS Syllabus

Although a lot of changes have been introduced to the new syllabus for CSS exam, yet it never means that one should feel desperate and discouraged. Change is always good, and the one which seems to ensure the supply of better lot of new officers to the country’s bureaucratic sodality is vital as well.

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The Stateless Rohingya Muslims

The Stateless Rohingya Muslims

From the slums of Kenya and refugee camps of Lebanon to the sugar plantations of the Dominican Republic and the far reaches of Myanmar, men, women and children across the world have found themselves living without citizenship rights. Rejected by their countries of birth and unwelcome everywhere else, they are called by international rights organizations as “stateless.” Thousands of stateless Rohingya Muslims, in order to escape the state-sponsored persecution in Myanmar, are stranded at sea, caught between a home country that denies them citizenship rights and a regional neighbourhood seemingly indifferent to their suffering.

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Population of Pakistan

Population of Pakistan by M Atif Sheikh

The difference of human development standards between developed and developing countries, makes life luxurious at some places but miserable at some. And that is just because of not acting upon the ages-old proverb “cut your coat according to your cloth,” meaning that population growth should be directly related to resources. And many developed countries have actually proven it as in these countries there has been an increase of 55% in their population during the last 65 years which surged from 813 million in 1950 to reach 1259 million in 2015. On the contrary, in developing countries, population has swelled by 254% to reach 6065 million in 2015 from 1713 million during these 65 years.

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The Call of Nature

The call of Nature by Muhammad Atif Sheikh

40 Million Pakistanis Defecate Openly
Imagine for a while, you are a guest or a host and you want to answer the call of nature, but there is no toilet in the house, nor you have the facility of public toilet outside your house. What will you do in this situation?
Forty million Pakistanis have to face this situation daily. The most simple and easy solution they have is to excrete in open air at a place where they may find a bit hiding; it may be a farm or a tree, a bush, a bank of the canal or a river, forest, etc.

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Afghans’ Protracted Refugees in Pakistan

Afghans Refugee in Pakistan

It is more than 35 years that the Afghans have been living in Pakistan. They first came here after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1980 and the ensuing civil war and precarious security situation in the country. The second wave started after the US–led military campaign in Afghanistan in 2001. Hundreds of thousands of Afghans left their homeland and got shelter in the neighbouring countries, i.e. Pakistan and Iran. More than 3 million refugees rushed to Pakistan whereas more than 1 million chose to go to Iran. Afghan refugees in Pakistan were accorded honour and love by the state of Pakistan and its people.

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