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The writer is a student of Political Science at University of Peshawar. He can be reached at: bashirsagar742@yahoo.com

‘Charter of Economy’ or ‘Charter of Democracy?’


‘Charter of Economy’ or ‘Charter of Democracy?’ What Pakistan needs at present  Bashir Sagar Pakistan is brimful of numerous deficiencies and lacunas nowadays. Political uncertainty, stagnant economy, abject poverty, sorry state of education, inflation and unemployment, all have been written in the fate of Pakistan. There are numerous reasons for this state of affairs, e.g. military interventions, lack of consensus ... Read More »

Disability can be a physical limitation but nothing can limit a person’s skills and talents

Disability can be a physical limitation but nothing can limit a person's skills and talents

“Without imperfection I and you would not exist” — (Stephen Hawking) Nothing can hide the talent and skills of a person. It is a known fact that talented and skilful people, even disabled, always shine like stars. However, the term ‘disabled’ has more social connotations than the medical ones as it creates a demarcation line between who is able and ... Read More »

Challenges Faced by the Muslim World

Challenges Faced by the Muslim World

Introduction At present, the Muslim world, in general, is caught in a downward spiral. Its socio-cultural and politico-economic fabrics are shattered. Almost all Muslim countries are crying for peace and stability. With the emergence of the New World Oder, and the 9/11 episode, the conditions of the Muslim world further deteriorated. Presently, they are facing a plethora of serious problems ... Read More »

“Political Parties in Pakistan”

“Parties of order or stability, and a party of progress or reform, are both necessary elements of a healthy state of political life.”  (John Stuart Mill) Political parties play a vital role in the overall development of a country. In fact, they are sine qua non for a truly democratic process in particular, and development in general. In a democratic ... Read More »

“Corruption and Its Impacts on Good Governance”

Corruption and Its Impacts on Good Governance

Introduction Corrupt man corrupts society Kinds of corruption a. Moral corruption b. Political corruption c. Economic corruption Impacts of corruption a. Social Impacts i. Lack of trust ii. Nepotism, cronyism and favouritism iii. Merit is killed iv. Crisis of unemployment v. Abysmal poverty vi. Anarchy in society b. Political Impacts i. Political instability ii. Precarious law and order situation iii. ... Read More »

NATIONAL INTEGRATION, Its role in nation-building and development


Integration is the most pressing need of all societies as it plays a vital role in achieving the dream of development. The more a society is integrated, the more it would be developed. As a great unifying factor, it is the national integration that transforms a heterogeneous society into a strong, united nation. National Integration proves to be a great ... Read More »