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Wretched Syria – Part II

BY Tariq Mushtaq A synonym for hell The Russian military warned the US against striking the Syrian army, stressing that Russian air defense weapons in Syria stand ready to fend off any attack. The range of Russian S-300 and S-400 air defense missile systems would “surprise” any country operating its aircraft over Syria The United States, since long, is involved ... Read More »

Geo-economic dimensions of the CPEC

BY Imran Malik China hopes to engage, dominate and rule the Heartland The Cold War era saw the US and its allies deploying their militaries to circumscribe, dominate and contain the Soviets and now the Chinese to within the Heartland CPEC, in the light of Mackinder’s Heartland Theory, makes for an interesting study. He had divided the world into three ... Read More »

Pakistan’s economic growth maintained an upward trend in ‘16

BY Monem Farooqi With expectations of holding the momentum Inflation hit a 13-year low in 2016, supported by falling international oil prices despite the high aggregate demand and low interest rates, which was contained due to a stable currency and, again, falling international oil prices Pakistan economic growth witnessed an acceleration in fiscal 2016 and started catching up with its ... Read More »

The new troika in the Middle East

BY Aziz-ud-Din Ahmad There are lessons for Pakistan There is a need to note that the ISIS and other extremists who are on the run in the Middle East are likely to start their activities in other countries, particularly Pakistan The recently formed Russia-Iran-Turkey troika has a significance first and foremost for the Middle East. It has also implications for ... Read More »

A law in essence?

Shahzad Tahir RECENTLY, two open tabs on the internet browser left me puzzled. One showed a Twitter quote: ‘no one is above the law’. The other opened on a news headline: ‘PM takes back powers to sack heads of public entities.’ The quote and the news item appear to be at ideological odds with each other. Read More »

Dying in Police Custody in India

Nearly 600 people died in police custody in India between 2010 and 2015, yet not one police official was convicted during this period. A report released by Human Rights Watch last week examines 17 cases in which families have sought accountability. Their stories reveal, in searing detail, why there have been so many deaths, starting with police contempt for proper ... Read More »

A Meaningless UN Security Council Resolution

By George Friedman The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has condemned Israeli settlements on the West Bank. The interesting part is that the United States abstained from the vote, which is why it passed. It is likely that President-elect Donald Trump, taking office in less than a month, will pursue a very different policy on Israel than recent administrations have. ... Read More »

Russia’s search for new ground in Pakistan

Russia is all set to rebuild its relations with Pakistan, a move that could be a game-changer for both Pakistan and South Asia. Given the dynamic strategic parameters in South Asia and a policy transition that might overcome the long drawn US-Russia Cold War rivalry that had also disconnected Russia from Pakistan, Moscow is now busy resetting the balance of ... Read More »