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Chartering The Way Forward As part of his campaign for the 2016 US presidential election, a critical soul-searching on the protracted, unwinnable Afghanistan war, which the United States finds itself awkwardly bogged down into, formed a recurrent discourse in Donald Trump’s speeches. He called for a thorough review of the US policy vis-à-vis Afghanistan. However, like his predecessors in the ... Read More »

Moving Beyond Kalabagh Dam

Moving Beyond Kalabagh Dam

A Critical Analysis Introduction Recently, a news story about moving the Supreme Court of Pakistan for the construction of the much-disputed Kalabagh Dam appeared in a number of national dailies. A Lahore-based lawyer Ilam ud Din Ghazi filed a petition, in May, in the Lahore registry of the apex court wherein he sought early construction of Kalabagh Dam (hereinafter KBD). ... Read More »

The Indus Waters Treaty

  India’s Bargaining Chip? ‘Whiskey is for drinking; water is for fighting over’, thus goes the oft-quoted line of Mark Twain, underscoring the momentousness of the water exigency that can foment messy warfare between and among the nation states. NASA’s satellite data in 2015 revealed that out of 37 large aquifers of the world, 21 are already moving past their ... Read More »

A Brief Review of Land Reforms in Pakistan

Introduction Land signifies different things to different segments of society. Whatever use it may be put to, land is, succinctly, a repository of capital, fertile source of wealth, vehicle of getting into the socio-political mainstream, agency of gaining political leverage, instrument of getting let-in into the corridors of power and means to climbing up the higher rungs of the ladder ... Read More »

A cursory glance at PAK-RUSSIA RELATIONS

Pak-Russia Relations

The relationship between Pakistan and Russia has been under stresses and strains for rather a longer period of time. Especially during the days of the Cold War, the relations were at their lowest ebb. The bilateral ties got an inauspicious start with the former Soviet Union eschewing sending the customary words of felicitation on Pakistan’s emergence as an independent country ... Read More »