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It’s time to take the right turn The National Security Committee (NSC), the highest civilian-military coordination forum in Pakistan, has resolved to recalibrate the country’s foreign policy, amidst the pressure building up in the context of inclusion of country’s name in grey list of Financial Action Task Force (FATF), followed by the visit of Ms Lisa Curtis, Deputy Assistant to ... Read More »

The Afghanistan Tinderbox

Political and Security Situation in Afghanistan Afghanistan is facing 5the worst political and security situation since the instalment of new regime after the ouster of Taliban from power in Afghanistan. Currently, the political tensions between the Ashraf Ghani administration and Atta Mohammad Noor over the governorship of the Balkh Province and the recent security incidents in the country have increased ... Read More »

Status of Governance in Afghanistan

Analyzing the persistent violation of the Afghan constitution The Constitution of Afghanistan is now in its fifteenth year. Since its promulgation on January 26, 2004, the Constitution is probably one of the biggest achievements of the post-Taliban regimes. Although it is the most important legal document in the country; in the past 14 years, there has always been a lot ... Read More »

The unbreakable stalemate in AFGHAN PEACE PROCESS

In the past several years, considerable efforts to end the war in Afghanistan have been made. However, none of these efforts have produced any tangible result, and the current war continues to cost Afghan lives and has affected every aspect of life in the war-ravaged country. Most Afghans are in favour of bringing peace through negotiations with the Taliban and ... Read More »

The Competition of Pakistan and India in Afghanistan

  Pakistan’s interests must be protected India and Afghanistan have joined hands against Pakistan and China’s joint venture, China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Chabahar Port, which India is constructing in Iran as a counter to Pakistan’s Gwadar Port, is being portrayed as a competitor and an alternative to CPEC, and a better option for routing Afghanistan’s transit trade. Besides opportunities for ... Read More »

Trump’s Vitriolic Speech and Pakistan’s Diplomatic Punch

Donald Trump, perhaps the last president of a mighty and influential United States, has come up with a language and tone having no precedent in policy speeches delivered by American Presidents. His tone has confirmed that how a businessman is different from a seasoned politician in his tone and body language. While announcing his strategy on Afghanistan South Asia, his ... Read More »

Options for Trump In Afghanistan, Uncle Sam and The Graveyard of Empires

The entry of Donald Trump to the Oval office has shocked the world opinion and policymakers due to his mercurial demeanor. At present, South Asia, especially Afghanistan, is also under a state of extreme uneasiness due to the forthcoming Afghan policy of Trump administration. This time, Afghanistan that is already in ruins after 17 long years of war, deserves favourable ... Read More »

Afghan Refugees in Pakistan

Pakistan saw massive influx of refugees from Afghanistan during the 1980s. They came through the border gateways and informal crossing points on the Durand Line. The registered figure of Afghan refugees in Pakistan at that time was 3.2 million. As time passed by, their population grew to reach the 5 million mark. Currently, there are about 1.5 million registered and ... Read More »

An Exclusive Interview with Mr Khalid Rahman, Executive President Institute of Policy Studies, Islamabad

China’s plans for global connectivity and the role Pakistan is set to play in this regard are the true ‘game-changer’. Executive President Institute of Policy Studies, Mr Khalid Rahman,  has vast experience in research, conducting policy discussions, training and management. The main focus of his research has been on the national and regional politics, Pak-China relations, madrassah and gender studies. ... Read More »