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Religious Extremism

It is apparent to every keen eye that the greatest issue Pakistan faces today is religious extremism. It is our misfortune that today this is not merely limited to an ideology. Its communication is through the written and spoken word. It has now crossed these confines and entered the realm of carnage and terrorism. The political, economic and social, in ... Read More »


History of the human civilization manifests that the powers have emerged and have seen their collapse. Acadians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Assyrians, Persians, ancient China, ancient Greece, Byzantine, and in near past UK, USA, China and Russia have been the ‘superpowers’. As the famous cliche’ goes, history repeats itself, the history is repeating itself nowadays, right in front of us. The emergence ... Read More »


Corruption, a word having diverse meanings, is defined as dishonesty, misconduct, malversation, fraud, and is a vice-ridden and wicked act certainly an immoral and irreligious action, unethical and unlawful move, and so on. However, the basic sense remains the same’ it is a despicable act in every sense. Though numerous problems are being faced by the humans across the globe, ... Read More »


Is it just a coincidence that when Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was putting his foot on the American soil on October 20, the Pak-US relations also turned 66? Pak-US bilateral relations were established on October 20, 1947. October 2013 brought another happenstance with it; Eid-ul-Azha, on October 16, marked the sacrifice of 7 million animals by Pakistanis, however, many would ... Read More »


This essay got 3rd position in 1st JWT Essay Competition The failure of a system definitely points towards the malfunctioning of some or all the essential components of that system. Indeed the smooth running of a system is only guaranteed if all major constituents of that system continue to work efficiently in harmony with each other. A state’s system which ... Read More »

Fall of Dhaka

The ‘Dead Reckoning: Memories of the Bangladesh War’ brings truth to light Sarmila Bose, a granddaughter of Sarat Chandar Bose, a famous Indian nationalist leader and a brother of Subash Chandar Bose is a senior Research Fellow in the politics of South Asia at the University of Oxford. She has been a political journalist in India and combines academic and ... Read More »

Galumph Progress of Pakistan on Millennium Development Goals

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are the eight goals of progress to be achieved by the year 2015. In 2000, 189 states endorsed these goals following the adoption of the United Nations Millennium Declaration. They are meant to establish trends in primary education, maternal health, gender empowerment, infant mortality, extreme hunger and poverty, environmental sustainability, global partnerships for development, and ... Read More »

Pakistani Media An Overview for the Policymakers

Pakistan’s electronic media has made huge strides in the last one decade. Today this industry has a massive structure and thousands of journalists, executives and technical professionals are directly or indirectly part of it. Whereas Pakistani media may appear less glossy, less liberal or colourful as compared to its Indian counterpart, it is certainly more developed, deeper and robust than ... Read More »

‘International Migration in a New Era of Mobility’

National Geographic ‘Xpeditions’ section defines migration as the movement of people from one place of the world to another for the purpose of taking up permanent or semi-permanent settlement. However in ‘International Migration’ people migrate from one country to another. According to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, international migration is a global phenomenon that is growing ... Read More »