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How to Stop Being Average

How to Stop Being Average

By: Rokhana Riaz Design Your Life Design your own life like you want it. Now if you can take on some responsibilities, you’ve got to consider those. Yes, you can ignore your responsibilities, but you won’t feel good about that. Here’s what the old prophet said: “Some things that taste good now in the mouth turn bitter later in the ... Read More »

Governing the Ungovernable by Dr Ishrat Hussain

Governing the Ungovernable

Pakistan’s main issue has been its crisis of governance as manifested by a weak institutional framework. In nearly seventy-one years of its existence, Pakistan has been ruled by four Governors-General, twelve presidents (including four military dictators) and thirty prime ministers (including caretaker prime ministers entrusted with the job of holding elections). It has witnessed thirty-two years of military dictatorship and ... Read More »

Out of the Shell of Depression


By: Laiba Muhammad Aamir How to Stop Struggling, and Start Living? “A depression can be a golden opportunity given to us by life to face head-on issues that matter greatly to our hearts, but which, out of haste or ignorance, have been swept under the carpet.” This is a beautiful and encouraging piece by Elif Shafak in her book ‘Black ... Read More »


Trade War

By: Qurat ul Ain Aman Let Sanity Prevail! The world has become a global village today. Owing to globalization, especially its economic version, we are getting a number of dividends in the form of free trade, economic agreements and bilateral treaties. It is a well-known reality that the last five decades of the twentieth century were consumed by the tussle ... Read More »

Tackling Poverty in Pakistan

Poverty in Pakistan

By: Saqib Ali Pakistan is a country that has been blessed with abounding natural resources – both renewable and nonrenewable – that are sufficient for fulfilling all the needs of the people of the country. It has also vast agricultural productivity, huge livestock population, mighty rivers, dense forests and compatible seasons to boost up the production of corps. It is ... Read More »

­­Regionalism and Pakistan

­­Regionalism and Pakistan

By: Tariq Mahmood Khan Globalization is the product of the ongoing twenty-first century and it has deep impacts on all parts and all nations of the world. Many new phenomena have emerged as a result of this exclusive process. Although regionalism is relatively an older phenomenon, it has assumed immense importance as a by-product of globalization in the recent years. ... Read More »

Revamping Higher Education

Higher Education

By: Dr Shaukat Ali Mazari How to make our HEIs Relevant Today, Pakistan is going through severe social, political and especially economic crises. As an academic, I blame the higher education institutions for not playing their due role. Research on the utilization, technology development process intensification for local resources and skills upgradation of local workforce have been key for the ... Read More »