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Deal of the Century

Deal of the Century

For Whom? After President Obama’s Middle East policies ended in disappointment, the policies of the incumbent US president Donald J. Trump have further aggravated the situation. Trump’s “Deal of the Century,” a back-channel US Middle East peace plan, has been the talk of the town for quite some time now. This deal would, reportedly, allow Israel to annex large settlement ... Read More »

Rise of Authoritarian Populism

Rise of Authoritarian Populism

World on the Threshold of  World War III Noted German poet and philosopher Friedrich Schiller believed that global history moves in cycles. We end up in same situations our predecessors had faced in the past. Nearly a century ago, many developed nations found themselves in clutches of economic depression whereas developing states were left stranded in the seas of gloom. ... Read More »

The Middle East

The Middle East

Caught in a Vicious Circle of Destruction Thomas Hardy once said, ‘And yet to every bad, there is a worse’. In the current Middle Eastern crisis, when the world thinks the situation cannot get worse than this, callous leaders manage to outdo themselves in spreading destruction and mayhem. During the past some months, the Middle East has become the home ... Read More »

The New Russo-Chinese Great Game and Future of Eurasia

Influential theories and ideals have shaped global politics in different ways. Mackinder’s Heartland theory, which transformed the fate of Central Asia, is one of them. After igniting Great Game between Russia and the United Kingdom, the idea of Eurasian landmass as the heartland of the world ultimately resulted in Second World War owing mainly to Hitler’s quest for lebensraum in ... Read More »

Economy of Pakistan and The delusion of growth

The economic journey of Pakistan always has been a rollercoaster ride. The reliance upon foreign aid and remittances, along with lack of real domestic economic base, has been a constant source of uncertainty for the country’s economy. With apparently impressive growth rate, the state of economy is not as hunky-dory as it is portrayed by the authorities. Economy is not ... Read More »

The Catalonia Crisis

Change in the political map of the world is the most difficult transition in international system. But mounting diversification of national and ethnic identities is reshaping our world. As Scots in United Kingdom and Kurds in Iraq have been vying for independence, Catalans also added into the mix by challenging the Spanish rule. Catalan declaration of independence has created the ... Read More »

The Rohingya Crisis, An unending tale of miseries

Nationalism is running high in current global system. Ethnic and religious minorities are prime victim of this nationalist fervour as they are used as scapegoats by jingoists. The ongoing plight of Rohingya community in Myanmar is a glaring example of this nationalist onslaught on minorities.  The recent episode in persecution of the Rohingya started in 2012 when riots in Rakhine ... Read More »

Explaining the South China Sea Conflict, Stakes high for key players

During the past few years, global politics has seen the resurgence of an old conflict with a new intensity – the South China Sea (SCS) conflict. It is all about the contesting claims of China, the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei on sovereignty and rights in the South China Sea. Sovereignty over Paracel Islands, the Pratas Islands, Scarborough Shoal ... Read More »