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Nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and the Way Forward, How to avoid the Armageddon

With a multitude of long-, medium- and short-range ballistic missiles in its arsenal; with miniaturized thermonuclear bomb and inclusion of intercontinental ballistic missile (IBMs) that can hit mainland USA in its deadly weaponry, provocative statements on almost daily basis and intermittent missile tests, North Korea has irrefutably attained the status of the nuclear power that was once feared and resisted ... Read More »

Feminism and Wave Analogy

The word feminism originated from the French word “feminisime” in the nineteenth century. Interestingly, it was used either as a medical term to describe the feminisation of male body or to describe women with masculine traits. According to Jaggar(1983), a sociologist, when the word ‘feminism’ was used in the early part of the twentieth century, it was used only to ... Read More »

The Rohingya Crisis, An unending tale of miseries

Nationalism is running high in current global system. Ethnic and religious minorities are prime victim of this nationalist fervour as they are used as scapegoats by jingoists. The ongoing plight of Rohingya community in Myanmar is a glaring example of this nationalist onslaught on minorities.  The recent episode in persecution of the Rohingya started in 2012 when riots in Rakhine ... Read More »


1) Introduction 2) What is meant by industrialization? 3) Why industrial development is necessary? It is necessary to: i. Increase employment rates ii. Promote trade activities iii. Support agriculture iv. Strengthen state’s economy v. Eradicate poverty vi. Make defences strong 4) Is it true that poor industrialization means poor economy and poor economy means poor state? Yes, it is true. ... Read More »


1) Introduction 2) Education and its types 3) Importance of education in society a. Importance of education in general i. Provides knowledge and skills ii. Builds up personality and character iii. Inculcates sanity and civilization in society iv. Embellishes the look and the image of the state v. Invigorates political, social and economic sectors of the state b. Importance of ... Read More »

A New Strategic Geography, A Look into the Future of the world

By: Robert D. Kaplan As Europe disappears, Eurasia coheres. I do not mean to say that Eurasia is becoming unified, or even stable in the manner that Europe was during the Cold War and the Post Cold War – only that the interactions of globalization, technology and geopolitics, with each reinforcing the other, are leading the Eurasian supercontinent to become, ... Read More »

Blood Relations (GSA)

1. Pointing to a photograph, Ali said, “She is the daughter of my grandfather’s only son.” Ali is the ______ of the girl in the photograph. (a) Father            (b) Cousin (c) Brother       (d) Uncle 2. Looking at a portrait of a man, Mazhar said, “His mother is the wife of my father’s son. ... Read More »


Background The first population census conducted in the areas now comprising Pakistan was held in 1881. Later on, censuses were conducted every ten years regularly in the year ending at one. After independence, the first two censuses in Pakistan were conducted in 1951 and 1961, respectively; however, the third one was delayed due to political environment in the country and ... Read More »

Trump’s Vitriolic Speech and Pakistan’s Diplomatic Punch

Donald Trump, perhaps the last president of a mighty and influential United States, has come up with a language and tone having no precedent in policy speeches delivered by American Presidents. His tone has confirmed that how a businessman is different from a seasoned politician in his tone and body language. While announcing his strategy on Afghanistan South Asia, his ... Read More »

Breaking the Narco-Terror Nexus How to tackle the enormous challenge

Pakistan is known to the world as one of the major transit countries for trafficking of drugs and narcotics, particularly opium and its products e.g. heroin, morphine and other opiates, produced in the neighbouring Afghanistan. Of both the poppy-addicted economy of Afghanistan, which accounts for more than 85 percent of the world poppy cultivation, and the Taliban, who depend on ... Read More »