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Census in Pakistan, Headcount and its importance for effective governance

Census in Pakistan

Conducting an accurate, reliable census is inevitable for a country to effectively plan growth, deliver services and solve the problems of the citizenry. A population census is a regular counting of the number of men, women, children—able and disabled—in a country by the government for better economic planning and achieving the goal of development thereupon. All sane parents know that ... Read More »

The Hung Geopolitics of Kashmir Leadership, Need for a policy revision

The Hung Geopolitics of Kashmir Leadership

By: Dr G.M. Athar “Jammu and Kashmir bears the direct brunt of animosity between India and Pakistan. … We have to create such a good atmosphere in Jammu and Kashmir that India and Pakistan are compelled to come together.”  — Mehbooba Mufti (Chief Minister of Indian-Occupied Kashmir) The pro-independence political leadership of Jammu and Kashmir State has throughout maintained equidistant ... Read More »

Sustainable Development Goals, A paradigm shift?

Pakistan & the SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals, Transforming Our World, UN General Assembly, global development goals, Millennium Development Goals, gender equality, action for the people, Peace and Partnership, sustainable industrialisation, quality education

After lengthy consultations at the global level, a resolution titled ‘Transforming Our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’ was adopted by the UN General Assembly on September 25, 2015, heralding the commencement of yet another 15-year cycle of global development goals following the footsteps of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for 2000-2015. This post-2015 global agenda contains 17 Sustainable Development ... Read More »

Tolerance and Power

Tolerance and Power

By: M. Usama The Constitution of Pakistan 1973 through its Article 41(2) enunciates that only a Muslim can become the President of Pakistan. Same is the condition for the Prime Minister as well [Article 91(3)]. It means that to occupy these high offices, one must be a Muslim even if one practices corruption, perjury and gloats on the resources of ... Read More »

Machiavelli & the Role of Ethics in Politics


Politics is an essential human activity — essential in building societies and communities based on rules, laws and a balance of conflicting interests. It requires a high level of responsibility and commitment from citizens, political parties, parliamentarians, government executives, the judiciary, the media, businesses, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and religious and educational institutions. But, politicians, almost in all parts of the ... Read More »

Checklist for CSS-2017 Exam

Checklist for CSS-2017 Exam

Taking a sound sleep on the night before the first paper of any competitive exam, especially the CSS exam, is extremely important. On the basis of my experience, I can tell you that most of you would be confronted with sleeplessness on that particular night. Avoid it, as being wakeful on this night will definitely cast adverse impacts on your ... Read More »

English Grammar Shortcuts

English Grammar Shortcuts

ADVERBS Rule1: The adverb ‘too much’ is used with nouns and ‘much too’ with adjectives. Examples: His failure is too much much too painful for me. His wife’s rude behaviour gives him much too too much pain. Rule 2: Before the word ‘enough’ use an adjective under positive form. Examples: He is more intelligent enough to follow you. She is ... Read More »

Transgenders’ Rights in Pakistan Still a long way to go

Transgenders Rights in Pakistan

The worst feeling a human can ever face is being helpless and worthless. This is precisely what the trans-genders in Pakistan feel with the unjust treatment they are meted out by the society. Transgenders, in Pakistan, and the region at large, are rarely respected and most of them lead lives of abuse, violence, exploitation and misery. Ironically, they are viewed ... Read More »

Guess for CSS-2017

Guess for CSS-2017

English Essay 1.    Accountability and democracy 2.    Elimination of terrorism and the National Action Plan 3.    Building counter-narrative against terrorism and the role of social sciences 4.    Higher education in Pakistan 5.    Women in civil service 6.    Need for electoral reforms in Pakistan 7.    CPEC and regional connectivity 8.    Future of the United Nations 9.    Human development and Pakistan 10.   ... Read More »