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Facts and Figures about FATA

1.Bajaur Agency Its administrative headquarter is at Khar. It is divided into two sub-divisions Khar, Nawagai and seven tehsils – Khar, Salazai, Uthmankhel, Nawagai, Charmar, Barang, Mamund. The total area of the agency is 1290 sq. km. The important rivers are Khwar and Panjgora – the main tributaries of Swat River. It was declared as a full-fledged Federally Administered Tribal ... Read More »

Candidates must choose their subjects carefully

Introduction Mr. Ahmed Farooq joined the Foreign Service of Pakistan (FSP) in 2001. During his ten years service, he has served as third secretary, second secretary and first secretary at New York in Pakistan’s mission to the United Nations. He also served as Assistant Director at Moscow in Pakistan’s embassy and had been Director SAARC at Foreign Office in Islamabad. ... Read More »

How to attempt Optional papers

If a candidate quotes the well-known sociologist over a particular area of sociology, he can secure impressive marks. Every subject has its own peculiar nature and standing. Two subjects are never same in their textual styles. History subjects are always objective and based on events and occurrences while subjects like sociology, journalism, public administration, etc. are conceptual and subjective in ... Read More »

The Art of Attempting Paper

Galloping in the wrong direction might not work but a leap into the right path will definitely benefit you a lot. The written exam for CSS-2011 is drawing closer and the aspirants must be in a hurry to retain as much knowledge about different subjects as they can. This is precisely what I was indulging myself into while preparing for ... Read More »