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Sanctions, Economic War Crimes


A Russian Viewpoint The European Union and United States have been targeting Russia with economic sanctions. On 17 March 2014, the EU imposed the first travel bans and asset freezes against Russian and Ukrainian officials following Russia’s annexation of Crimea as there was “absence of de-escalatory steps by the Russian Federation”. Here is a write-up which elucidates the Russian viewpoint ... Read More »


Studies across the world show that political instability in a country is negatively related with its economic performance: it scares away capital, slows growth, pushes unemployment and increases poverty. Pakistan is facing the twin challenges of economic slowdown and militancy. The issues which create a political instability in the country take the government’s focus away from the real issues that ... Read More »


Pakistan is willing to sell its silver. Why? The probable reason is that these public sector institutions have been very inefficient and are bleeding the economy. There are many reasons for this debacle. For instance, mega projects are not only ill-conceived but are also more egoistic than what we have at the moment, and the future of these new mega ... Read More »


For the media, good news is not news. To be certain, every coin has two sides and every cloud has a silver lining. Yes, the economy is cloudy, murky and muddy but here’s the silver lining: One: Budget deficit, the root cause of at least a hundred other financial ills, is at 5.5 per cent of GDP ‘more contained than ... Read More »

Trade not Aid ‘A Viable Option

The EU is Pakistan’s largest exchange associate and has been dynamic in reinvigorating the equitable course of action and fortifying the social and financial fabric of this country through its growth and help approaches. Pakistan is facing a downturn in economy and it seems unlikely — at least in near future — that it would be able to come out ... Read More »


Pakistan has reached this point of carrying unsustainable and unmanageable external debt due to massive corruption levels, inefficient allocation of debt money, poor implementation of foreign-aided projects and financing of the current account. Consequently, the economy as a whole has become all the more dependent on large scale foreign long, and short-term borrowings. In 2010, Pakistan was declared the third ... Read More »

Political Economy of Economic Reforms in Pakistan

Although reform initiatives were taken by successive governments seriously, many of these could not be implemented properly because of political imperatives and a lack of commitment by the leadership. Economic reforms in Pakistan were designed to address structural weaknesses of the economy and imbalances under the structural adjustment programmes implemented within the framework of the International Monetary Fund and the ... Read More »

Pros and Cons of Corporate Farming

Corporate farming is a fairly broad term that deals with the general practices and effects of a small number of large, global corporations that dominate the food industry. It simply encompasses all activities from production to retail consumption. Corporate Agriculture Farming (CAF) is a fairly broad term that deals with the general practices and effects of a small number of ... Read More »