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For past many decades, several trends have been introduced in international economy. A number of political changes also gave way to newer economic phenomena, including the mushrooming of transnational corporations or multinational corporations (TNCs/MNCs). Moreover, globalisation, regionalisation and World Trade Organisation (WTO), all had further reinforced the influences economic regimes have been exerting on international politics and economy. The changing ... Read More »

They Go Scott Free Again

The legal system provides little effective recourse for any shareholder, let alone the minority shareholder whose rights have been violated They are more than two hundred in number.  Many of them are winners. They were provided with an opportunity by a few to make windfalls and they did so smartly. Others are the losers. They are ditched by a few ... Read More »

Urbanization in the developing world

A Boon or a bane Whether urbanization is good or bad is a matter of debate; chiefly for the developing world. In the developing world, status of urbanization is under observation owing to its varying impacts. Advent of modern urbanization took place after Industrial Revolution in the 18th century. After that an unstoppable flow of masses from rural to urban ... Read More »

What is to be done to alleviate poverty in Pakistan

The country’s poverty reduction strategy must include large-scale investment in strengthening the available human resource base so as to produce a skilled and competent workforce that can respond to the increasing demands of a steadily growing economy. According to recent Asian Development Bank’s estimates, almost one-third of the Pakistan’s population lives below the poverty line. Seventy-five percent of these poor ... Read More »

Agriculture in Pakistan and its Problems

Pakistan is a huge population that is suffering already from energy and water shortage. Moreover, food inflation has been touching double figures since last half a decade and has gone up to 26% in 2010. Realizing these ground realities, Pakistan needs to look seriously into its agricultural problems. The magnanimity of the agricultural problems in Pakistan has undoubtedly crippled the ... Read More »

Poverty Reduction in Pakistan and MDGs

An overview of the measures taken by the Government of Pakistan to fulfill its commitment to reduce the poverty level by half as signed in the declaration of MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) in September 2000 along with 187 other UN members. Pakistan signed the declaration of MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) in September 2000 along with 187 other UN members. The ... Read More »

World Economic Forum and the Crisis of Capitalism

Capitalism with its emphasis on growth and prosperity has tended to increase inequality and poverty which are detrimental to social stability and harmony. Justifying the acquisition of wealth through its model of competition and efficiency, the operation of capitalism has seen the rich becoming richer to the point of dominating and hegemonising markets and then driving people out-of-work and business ... Read More »

WTO and its Implications for Pakistan

Pakistan should have a vision of what it would like to achieve from other nations before reciprocating market access to them. Trade relations, like all other relations, are friend and foe oriented and are glued with the broader national interests of the country. The World Trade Organization (WTO) is an organization that intends to supervise and liberalize international trade. The ... Read More »