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One must seek proper guidance from seniors (In Conversation with Zain-ul-Abideen Ansari)

Please tell us about your educational background. I belong to district Hyderabad (Sindh) and have done MSc in ‘Criminology’ as well as MBA in Human Resource Management (HRM) from University of Sindh, Jamshoro. It was after doing MBA when I decided to appear in the CSS examination. What type of ability, talent and knowledge should a candidate for CSS examination ... Read More »

The present government needs to convince their parliamentarians to support construction of Kalabagh and other dams

As engineer he received President of Pakistan’s Gold Medal in Engineering in 1977 and has written 50 technical articles printed in national and international journals. Dr. Amjad Parvez wears three caps at a time. He is engineer by profession, a musician and writer by passion. He inherited all these qualities from his family. His father Sheikh Abdul Karim, was head ... Read More »

Of spins and turns

Textile spinning industry calls for diplomatic pressure on India to release 1m cotton bales it ordered last year. The country’s textile industry, already reeling under pressures of all types, is now confronted with the challenge of meeting shortage of cotton required for its consumption. The deficit caused by crop destruction due to floods has worsened after India’s reluctance to release ... Read More »

“Virtues of humbleness and compassion are key to success”

Please share with us your educational background. I belong to village Ranian of District Gujrat. I did my matric and FSc from Gujrat. Then I passed B.A in 2005 from Government College University, Lahore. Later I completed LLB from Punjab University Law College. Presently, I am doing LLM from University of the Punjab. I am also teaching Constitutional and International ... Read More »

Nouns with appropriate prepositions

Here are some nouns prepositions for all competitive exams, specially for the CSS and PMS. The aim of these prepositions is to know the exact usage of preposition with the specific used-words. Usually, the candidates use the wrong prepositions while writing the essays, paragraphs or answering the meanings of the difficult words. Absent from:    Qaiser was absent from the college. ... Read More »

A truly independent foreign policy especially for small and medium sized powers is not possible

Pakistan is the only hope for the people living in this country. Why are we unable to have an independent foreign policy? In the world of diplomacy, professionals recognise that a truly independent foreign policy especially for small and medium sized powers is not possible. There are two reasons: first, because of the limited capabilities of the state and second, ... Read More »

The nature of interest and Riba

Can the Muslim scholars resolve the age-old controversies centred on the twin concepts of interest and Riba? Looking at the state of the current debate, the answer is in the negative. With every passing day, these controversies get deeper and more complex as new approaches are adopted by the Muslim thinkers to substantiate a given point of view on the ... Read More »

Good understanding of subjects which are studied at graduation and master’s level leads to success

Aspirants must keep this thing in minds that the CSS is a doable task. I have done masters in three subjects: Islamic Studies, Political Science and Economics as an external student from University of Balochistan. After graduation in 2005, I passed the exam of Balochistan Public Service Commission (BPSC) and got the post of ‘Industrial development officer’ (BS-16). During this ... Read More »

“The required thing to excel is commitment and dedication under proper and sincere guidance”

Throw light on your education and achievements. Although I have an ordinary education background yet I have been blessed with extraordinary career achievements. I am masters in Economics. I got admission in MBBS at Chandka Medical College (CMC), Larkana, but I quit it and went for job at the age of 20 due to family responsibilities. I have been working ... Read More »

The use of preposition

The use of inappropriate prepositions is a fertile source of errors with students. Learn the use of appropriate prepositions with words. Indeed, prepositions are the spice of a good writing and it is very difficult to master the art of using them. There are many nouns, adjectives, verbs and participles in English which take particular and appropriate prepositions after them. ... Read More »