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Power Play in the Indian Ocean


Power Play in the Indian Ocean The Great Game Moves to Sea Magazine Desk India, China and the United States, the three major powers, which together account for nearly half of the global economy, are vying for influence in the Indian Ocean arena. All three of them view the region through their own geostrategic frameworks, ensuring intense jostling at best ... Read More »

Global Peace and Security


Global Peace and Security World Leaders Betray the Canons of Truth, Wisdom and Humanity Dr Mahboob A. Khawaja Today’s Political World at a Glance Global politics is overwhelmingly becoming robotic when question of safeguard of the mankind comes up. Global political leaders are fast becoming actors on stage – issuing abstract statements of outrage and expressing phony sense of grief ... Read More »

China’s Belt and Road of Science


China’s Belt and Road of Science BRI is also about building knowledge, not just things Aftab Abbasi The ancient silk routes were not for trade only, they boosted flow of knowledge as well … Through these routes, Buddhism, Islam and Arab astronomy, calendar and medicine found their way to China, while China’s four great inventions and silkworm breeding spread to ... Read More »

OIC’s Makkah Summit

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan attends a summit meeting of the 57-member Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in the Saudi holy city of Mecca in the early hours of June 1, 2019.  The OIC meeting is the third and final summit hosted by Saudi Arabia this week, aimed at galvanising support among Arab and Islamic nations against arch-rival Iran, which has close ties with Turkey. / AFP / BANDAR ALDANDANI

OIC’s Makkah Summit Objectives, Achievements and Challenges By Mairaj ul Hamid Nasri Inaugural meeting of the 14th Summit of Millat-e-Islamia’s sole representative “Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)” was held on May 31st in the holy city of Makkah. The summit ended up with the signing of an MOU among the heads of states/governments of Muslim-majority countries. OIC, the second largest ... Read More »

US Containment of China


US Containment of China America has High Expectations for India. Can New Delhi Deliver? Paul Staniland  India is a big deal in Washington these days. A wave of think tank reports, books and op-eds identify India as a key component of US grand strategy. Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the US National Security Strategy heralded an important Indian ... Read More »

SPIEF 19: Russia-China Bonhomie


Russia-China Bonhomie at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum The 23rd St. Petersburg International Economic Forum was held on June 6-8, 2019 with the motto ‘Creating a Sustainable Development Agenda’. This year’s forum was the largest in terms of a number and composition of participants. According to the SPIEF organizing committee, the event was attended by over 19,000 participants from 145 ... Read More »

Neo-liberalism: The lesson we never learned


Neo-liberalism The lesson we never learned The triumphant march of neo-liberalism that has dominated the world over the last 40 years is rapidly fading after the costly defeat in the 2016 elections. It leaves behind a history of several major economic disasters, a dubious legacy of globalism, the erosion of the middle class, the widening gap between the rich and ... Read More »

Looming Economic War


Looming Economic War Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed!  The tariff war with China unleashed more than a year back by the Trump administration in the United States threatens to turn into full-fledged economic war. The US claims that China is engaging in unfair trade practices and adopting coercive measures against US firms, undermining US economic interests. China not ... Read More »

Indian Election 2019


Indian Election 2019 The Rise of the Rightist Dr Muhammad Kaleem The contemporary is witnessing the meteoric rise of populism, nationalism and religious intolerance. This phenomenon has engulfed the whole world in general, and in the West in particular with the rise of Donald Trump and British exit from the European Union, i.e. Brexit. In India, Modi government, which first ... Read More »

How compatible are democracy and capitalism?


How compatible are democracy and capitalism? Economic stress and demographic change are weakening a symbiotic relationship Of late, the world’s older democracies have begun to look more vulnerable than venerable. America seems destined for a constitutional showdown between the executive and the legislature. Brexit has mired Britain in a constitutional morass of its own. Such troubles could be mistaken for ... Read More »