April 2015

In Quest of Peace in Middle East

CSS-2015 Solved Compulsory Papers (Objective Part)

English Précis & Composition Q1 (a) Synonyms Flagrant (a)    Expensive    (b)    Common (c)    Clerical    (d)    Glaring Imminent (a)    Important    (b)    Historical (c)    Impending    (d)    Inopportune Astute (a)    Tedious     (b)    Illogical (c)    Aggressive     (d)    Shrewd Averse (a)    Eager    (b)    Reluctant ©    Willing (d)    Unresponsive Prognosis (a)    Offering     (b)    Prediction (c)    Warning     (d)    Advance Pungent (a)    Sharp    …

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World in Focus (Feb-March 2015)

National, International News & MCQs National Feb 16: Pakistanis purchased properties in Dubai worth over 16 billion UAE dirhams during 2013 and 2014; becoming the second largest community in the list of expatriate property buyers in Dubai during 2014. Feb 16: Shazia Hanjra, a special public prosecutor, announced to step down due to the non-cooperation of police in the Baldia …

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International Mother Earth Day 2015

The Sun with its family of eight planets makes our galaxy, the Milky Way; but of all the planets the Earth turned out to be the luckiest. This is because it is the only planet where life became possible, at least far as our knowledge goes. Life in its most beautiful forms developed here, be it humans, animals, plants or …

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Muslims are not Terrorists

At present, the world is facing a grave threat to its existence in form of terrorism that has affected almost all parts of the world. No religion condones the murder of innocents. But, unfortunately, only Muslims are being portrayed by the Western media as the perpetrators of terrorist activities throughout the world. This blame is utterly disgusting because Islam is …

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An Anatomy of Senate Elections

The Senate of Pakistan, the upper house of the country’s bicameral legislature, is the prime body that represents federation and the spirit of the constitution. The main purpose for the creation of the Senate of Pakistan was to give equal representation to all the federating units since the membership of the National Assembly was based on the population of each …

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Political Instability & Economic Growth

Making A Strong Case for Governance Reforms Economic growth and political stability are deeply interconnected. If, on one hand, the uncertainty associated with unstable political environment reduces investment and the speed of economic development on the other, the poor economic performance may lead to government collapse and further political unrest. Economists consider political instability as a serious malaise that impedes …

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Pakistan-Turkey Taking Friendship to New Levels

The time-tested, iconic friendship between Pakistan and Turkey is beyond time and borders. This cordial relationship is the true embodiment of the motto “Two Countries, One Nation”. The strong bond between the peoples of Pakistan and Turkey predates even the creation of the former. Pakistan too attaches great significance to its fraternal and multifaceted ties with Turkey and desires to …

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CHILDREN’S RIGHTS A Neglected Area In Our Policy Thrust

In spite of being a signatory to the United Nations Millennium Declaration that was agreed upon in September 2000 in New York, Pakistan has been struggling to meet its targets as its performance regarding the goal pertaining to the  most vulnerable segment of society has not been satisfactory. Pakistan’s record in prioritizing and also ensuring children’s rights has not been …

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The Coming Water Challenge

Threats & Opportunities for Pakistan Themed as ‘Water and Sustainable Development’, March 22nd this year marked the World Water Day that is celebrated every year under the banner of the UN-Water. The day served as an opportunity to highlight the importance of water at the heart of sustainable development. Given the scarce water resources in view of ever-increasing demand of …

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