September 2015

Amending the Constitution
The SC Verdict on 18th & 21st Amendments

KASHMIR, The Cornerstone of Pakistan’s Foreign Policy

Kashmir issue has been the cornerstone of Pakistan’s foreign policy since 1947. The region is the source of rivers flowing into Pakistan and Pakistanis have strong apprehensions that if Kashmir remains under Indian occupation, their country will be strangulated as there will be no availability of sufficient water to support Pakistan’s agricultural sector, the backbone of country’s economy. Since the …

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World in Focus (July – August 2015)

  National, International News & MCQs NATIONAL July 16: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah dissolved the board of directors of the Fishermen Cooperative Society and appointed Livestock & Fisheries Secretary Noor Mohammad Leghari its administrator for a period of six months. July 16: The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) ordered grounding of four aircraft of Shaheen Air. July 17: …

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Educating Pakistan Through Women Education, Advocating Women’s Right to Education

 “You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.” (Brigham Young) The importance of education for women is hardly overstated: women raise children, and educated women raise nations with improved human capital, high economic growth and enhanced productivity. Disempowerment of women due to inadequate health, lack of education and insecure environments compromises the …

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Relevancy of Communitarianism in Present Era

Liberalism as a set of social and political attitudes not associated with any political cult originated in 19th century in Europe. It does not identify itself with any political party though some parties profess this as a movement in their manifestos. Liberalism focuses on emancipation from feudal and monarchical control, further emphasizing on economic theory such as laissez faire. Freedom …

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Rise Of Extremism

The menace of extremism has plagued Muslim societies especially in the recent decades. This is perhaps the most serious challenge the Muslim world is facing at present because most Muslim societies, with only a few exceptions notwithstanding, are marred by extremism. Passing through the stages of infecting thoughts and behaviours and plaguing speech and writing, to our misfortune, extremism has …

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Pakistan Army & Disaster Management, Eulogising Army’s Meritorious Services

Pakistan army is probably the only fully functional institution in Pakistan as it has been playing various laudable constructive roles in the development of the country. It is clearly evident from history that Pak Army has always been at the forefront whenever the nation is hit by natural calamities and other emergencies. Be it the devastating earthquakes or the ravaging …

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Indo-Pak CBMs, A Crying Need of the Hour

In the contemporary world, a highly volatile South Asia often remains in the limelight of world politics. Pakistan and India are the two archrivals located in this part of the world. However, ever since their inception, a sense of mistrust between both countries has prevailed as their relations are marred by tense situations, blame games and covert intelligence operations leading …

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Exclusive Interview with Mukhtaran Mai

Mukhtaran Mai

The Rosa Parks for the 21st Century A Must-read for Gender Studies Students “I strongly believe that the rights bestowed on women by Islam are more than enough.” Hailing from a remote area of Muzaffargarh district of the Punjab province and belonging to a humble family background, Mukhtaran Mai is an epitome of extraordinary courage, resilience and fortitude. She became …

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Between Asia and the Middle East

How Pakistan Maintained a Delicate Balance Pakistan lies at the crossroads of what many people traditionally consider the “Middle East” and “Asia.” Not only is it an important country in the international sphere, but so are all four of its neighbours: Iran, Afghanistan, China, and India. Pakistan’s coastline along the Arabian Sea also brings it into close contact with the …

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War On Terrorism Is Contributing Towards Growing Abuse Of Human Rights

“We must remember that any oppression, any injustice, any hatred is a wedge designed to attack our civilization”  (Franklin D. Roosevelt) What have been the costs of war on terrorism in human and economic terms? How has the war changed the social and political landscape of the countries where it has been waged? What is likely to be the long-term …

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