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December 2020

December 2020



The BIDEN ERA BEGINS Can the new US President heal a deeply fissured America? The nail-biting contest to the White House is over with the President-elect Joe Biden all set to step into the Oval Office on 20th of January 2021. Despite the havoc unleashed in the United States by the deadly coronavirus, which has infected more than ten million ... Read More »

China’s 14th Five Year Plan


China’s 14th Five Year Plan The People’s Republic of China wields enormous influence in the arena of international trade and finance. This Asian giant has become the world’s largest manufacturing economy ($3.8 trillion), the biggest exporter ($2.6 trillion), the world’s second-largest importer ($2.08 trillion), surpassed the gross domestic product (on the basis of Purchasing Power Parity) of the United States ... Read More »

The BECA Pact


The BECA Pact During the third round of 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue between India and the United States, both countries signed Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement on Geospatial Cooperation, or BECA, whereby the US has allowed India access to a range of sensitive geospatial and aeronautical data that is crucial for military action. Under the agreement, the United States will provide ... Read More »

Understanding The Indo-Pacific


Understanding The Indo-Pacific  The Indo-Pacific has become a locus of twenty-first century attention. It connects large swathes of the globe, which has made it a major geopolitical factor. The almost concurrent rise of China and India and the rapidly changing dynamics of the region now make this construct even more important. India’s increased regional engagements and its strategic partnership with the ... Read More »

The 5 Sectors of the Economy


The 5 Sectors of the Economy Economy Human activities that generate income are known as economic activities which then contribute to form a nation’s economy. In the economy, industry and commerce are divided into different areas, called sectors. This term can be derived from the Latin word “sector” and literally means “something that cuts”. A sector is therefore a section ... Read More »

US Presidential Foreign Policy Doctrines


US Presidential Foreign Policy Doctrines  A long journey from Interventionism to america First  Historically, a US presidential foreign policy doctrine has served to define the national interest of a specific administration in a public manner, informing the American people and their allies, as well as putting potential adversaries on notice. James Monroe pronounced the first major presidential foreign policy doctrine ... Read More »



CRIMINOLOGY  The discipline of criminology has established itself in the developed world, and is now emerging as a field of immense interest in the developing and transitional nations. We are now seeing not only academic institutions and justice agencies, but also many professional societies of criminology engaging in the promotion of criminological knowledge and research around the globe. Pakistan, though ... Read More »