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February 2020

February 2020

The Truman Doctrine


The Truman Doctrine When President Harry S. Truman issued what came to be known as the Truman Doctrine in March 1947, he was outlining the basic foreign policy that the United States would use against the Soviet Union and Communism for the next 44 years. The doctrine, which had both economic and military elements, pledged support for countries attempting to ... Read More »

Putin isn’t Going Anywhere


Putin isn’t Going Anywhere There was no lack of warning about the intentions of Vladimir Putin, Russia’s longest-serving leader since Stalin. A generation that has grown up knowing nothing but his rule now looks forward to its indefinite perpetuation. The resignations of the prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev, and the cabinet, may have taken even some of the ministers in question ... Read More »

Foreign Direct Investment


Foreign Direct Investment Pakistan’s economy has seen several swings over the past few years. The PTI government rode to victory on the cry of economic reforms and their performance therein became the litmus test to gauge the competency of this newborn government. Initially, the economy suffered several shocks and so did the psyche of the general populace. However, much to ... Read More »



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Developing Countries Must Seize the Tech Frontier


Developing Countries Must Seize the Tech Frontier The march of technological innovation has long boosted economic performance, improved efficiency, accelerated the pace of globalisation, and transformed human society in the process. But as the defining issue of our time, the digital revolution demands renewed policy cooperation at all levels of governance. After all, the latest wave of technological change is ... Read More »

5 Themes of Geography


5 Themes of Geography The five themes of geography that help answer these questions are: (1) Location; (2) Place; (3) Human-Environment Interaction; (4) Movement; and (5) Region. Here is a brief introduction to these themes. Location Location is defined as a particular place or position. Most studies of geography begin with the mention of this theme of geography. Location can ... Read More »

Projecting Pakistan’s Soft Power

Projecting Pakistan’s Soft Power5

Projecting Pakistan’s Soft Power  in this anarchical world, the states continuously interact with each other in one way or another. Power is considered the lifeblood in international politics but in this globalized world, the concept and nature of power are in transition. According to Joseph S. Nye, the use of power today has shifted from an emphasis on hard power ... Read More »