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February 2020

February 2020



PERSECUTION OF MINORITIES IN INDIA   Atif Sheik  he PR also mentioned the increase or decrease in the country’s population during the first decade of the current century. It said, “The proportion of Muslim population to total population has increased by 0.8 percentage point (PP) in 2011. The proportion of Hindu population to total population in 2011 has declined by 0.7 ... Read More »

World in Focus (DEC-19 JAN-20) National


National  Dec 16: The Supreme Court of Pakistan held that Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa would stand retired after six months unless parliament allowed him extension of tenure by amending the relevant army laws. Dec 16: A European group the ‘EU DisinfoLab’ uncovered a network of obscure NGOs and think tanks that assist over 200 ... Read More »

The Lahore Process Challenges and Opportunities


  The Lahore Process Challenges and Opportunities  The first round of the Lahore Process was held on June 22, 2019, at Bhurban, Murree in which heads of various Afghan political parties participated. The participants of the conference discussed the internal challenges to the restoration of peace in Afghanistan. It was followed by a roundtable conference in Serena Hotel, Islamabad on ... Read More »

Social Justice World Day of Social Justice 2020


Social Justice World Day of Social Justice 2020 In recent years, the term “social justice” has become as prominent as “human rights”. Social justice is an underlying principle for peaceful and prosperous coexistence within and among nations. It is the equal access to wealth, opportunities and privileges within a society. We uphold the principles of social justice when we promote ... Read More »

Rule of Law and Economic Development

Rule of law and Economic Development

Rule of Law and Economic Development  In the Declaration of the High-level Meeting on the Rule of Law, Member States noted that “the rule of law and development are strongly interrelated and mutually reinforcing, that the advancement of the rule of law at the national and international levels is essential for sustained and inclusive economic growth, sustainable development, the eradication ... Read More »

In conversation with AZKA SAHAR 1st in Punjab PMS-2019-20


In conversation with AZKA SAHAR 1st in Punjab PMS-2019-20   jahangir’s World Times (JWT): First of all, please tell us about your educational background? Azka Sahar (AS): I hail from Sialkot. I got my basic education from my hometown. Then, I moved to Lahore to pursue my dreams. I am a law graduate from Punjab University Law College. Currently, I ... Read More »

How to Fail CSS


How to Fail CSS  My wasteful efforts began in the following manner: I believed in a mythical six- or nine-month plan that could work for me to ace the CSS examination. Somehow, I fell into the delusion that CSS is just like any other routine exam which doesn’t honour the background of a student. I assumed that the route to ... Read More »