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March 2020

March 2020

Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan


Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan The “Giveaway of the Century” On January 28, President of the United States, Donald Trump, presented his long-awaited Middle East peace plan—the so-called “deal of the century”—wherein he proposed an independent Palestinian state and the recognition of Israeli sovereignty over West Bank settlements. Standing alongside Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House, Mr Trump ... Read More »

Has the World Economy Reached Peak Growth?

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Has the World Economy Reached Peak Growth? Jim O’Neill The last decade has been a sharp rebuke to the idea of a more integrated, and increasingly frictionless, global economy. Borders, nationalism, tariffs, and even trade wars are back in fashion. Global growth weakened considerably in 2019 as trade wars and weakening growth in China negatively impacted growth. In many parts ... Read More »

Brexit Got ‘Done’


Brexit Got ‘Done’ What will be the future of European geopolitics? On January 31, the United Kingdom ended its 47-year integration with Europe, making a historic exit from the EU after years of bitter arguments to chart its own uncertain path. Beginning an 11-month transition period that will include tough trade talks, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised a “new ... Read More »

Water, Nature and Climate Change


water, nature and climate change Water can be part of climate change and nature conservation: better water management in agriculture, which accounts for about 70 percent of all water use, is a key component of effective climate change reduction and adaptation strategies to achieve local and global environmental security, especially in regions where water scarcity and climatic changes are severe. ... Read More »



THE POWER OF WORDS Words, either written or spoken, carry powerful energy in them which affects speaker/writer and listener/reader in the same way. Spoken words have sounds which have vibration. Likewise, written words are related to mind and thoughts. For this reason, there is always an immense effect of words when they are spoken or written. When a person speaks ... Read More »

Paul Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist’


Paul Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist’ Saba Sibghat The Alchemist is the book which got digested into my mind and soul, and became the part and parcel, Alpha and Omega of my life. It is a feast to my reason and fantasy. Its spontaneity and profundity helped me towards self-realization and self-actualization. This magical and voraciously-read international bestseller has had a life-enchanting ... Read More »

Persecution of Minorities in India-II The Myth of Secular India Busted


Muhammad Atif Sheikh Persecution of Minorities in India-II The Myth of Secular India Busted Although laws are meant to thwart forced conversions, laws of religious freedom in India are generally known as “anti-conversion laws”. And, the ruling BJP is making all-out efforts to enforce such laws throughout the country. UK government’s Independent Advisory Group on Country Information (IAGCI) in its ... Read More »

10 Most Heavily- guarded Places


10 Most Heavily- guarded Places  Hira Batool Ever wondered why some of the most secure locations on Earth are also some of the most mysterious places on Earth? Whether they’re supposedly concealing the existence of aliens at Area 51, protecting the President at the White House or setting up a fail-safe in case of a global catastrophe at the Svalbard ... Read More »



WORLD WATER DAY 2020 Water is the Oil of the Future  Due to its scarcity as well as huge importance, water is considered the “oil of the future” because every human being needs food to get energy for survival. In this context, along with soil and sunshine, water is a basic ingredient of agriculture. If we don’t have water, we ... Read More »