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March 2020

March 2020

Grinding Poverty in Pakistan


Grinding Poverty in Pakistan Is Ehsaas Program a panacea? Since its inauguration in 2018, the Imran Khan-led government has focused more on poverty eradication than any other programme. Without disturbing the landmark poverty alleviation project, i.e. the Benazir Income Support Programme, the PTI government initiated its own projects that are innovative and sustainable as well. Panah Gahs have been functional ... Read More »



Global Society in the Modern World Is inequality a solvable issue? One of the key current trends in global politics is the gradual shift from ‘pure’ geopolitics and the hard/soft power of sovereign states to global problems (environmental, resource, demographic and social). The past decade saw the term ‘global problems’ itself crystallize into a new concept, the Global Commons, understood ... Read More »



Introduction  Feminism is a Janus-faced concept as it is, on the one hand, the most over-used notion in the twenty-first century, and the least understood one, on the other. Its celebration comes from understandings such as women movement and freeing women from the long-standing patriarchy of men. It is an elephant-in-the-room-like myth that it is a women missionary working against ... Read More »

Fabricated Truths – The legacy we are leaving behind


Fabricated Truths – The legacy we are leaving behind Pakistan is a country where majority thinks that philosophy is disbelief, use of science is permissible but it is a route to hell and most of the discourse is mythologized. Such assumptions are likely to hinder a scientific and critical thinking among people. Notably, the human history has undergone various phases ... Read More »



Disarmament A less-talk- about subject  Despite the fact that the dimension of waging a war has veered off from using nuclear weapons, as economic warfare between countries over the years has gained momentum, great fear resulting from the eventuality of outbreak of war remains there. Possibility of being attacked and snatching off of their sovereignty is what makes countries eschew ... Read More »

In Conversation With Muhammad Abu Bakar (PAS) 28th in Pakistan,CSS 2018-19


In Conversation With Muhammad Abu Bakar (PAS) 28th in Pakistan,CSS 2018-19 Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): First of all, please tell us about your educational background? Muhammad Abu Bakar (MAB): Till BA, I got education from my native city, that is, Arifwala. After that, I did a diploma in English language from National University of Modern Languages (NUML), Islamabad. Later, I ... Read More »


gas mask

BIOLOGICAL WARFARE THE MOST LETHAL WAY OF FIGHTING Owing to the present-day armed conflicts, the general public is well aware of the terrifying effects of chemical weapons. Meanwhile, the effects of biological weapons have largely disappeared from public awareness. Following the spread of the coronavirus in China and other countries, many analysts contend that this virus and others, such as ... Read More »