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May 2020

May 2020

Teleschooling in Pakistan Will it yield significant the desired results?


Teleschooling in Pakistan Will it yield significant the desired results? Dawood Abbas Khan The Government of Pakistan has shown gumption by launching the Teleschool project in collaboration with Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV). There are two cardinal reasons behind this initiative: First, continue educational activities in the country at a time when all educational institutions are closed due to thwart the ... Read More »

Physical Geography Study of the Earth’s Features


Physical Geography Study of the Earth’s Features Ghufran Wakeel The discipline of geography has a history that stretches over many centuries. Over this time period, the study of geography has evolved and developed into an important form of human scholarship. Examining the historical evolution of geography as a discipline provides some important insights concerning its character and methodology. These insights ... Read More »

In Conversation With Waseem Elahi Laghari 108th in Sindh, PCS 2018-19


In Conversation With Waseem Elahi Laghari 108th in Sindh, PCS 2018-19 Catchline: I used to cut the pieces of advice from JWT and paste them on my books and notes so as to remember what to do and how to do.   Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): First of all, please tell us about your educational background? Waseem Elahi Laghari (WEL): ... Read More »

Nature vs Nurture


Nature vs Nurture Need for a new social contract Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq The cruising altitude of the latest Covid-19 fear has induced gut-wrenching horror. It has inevitably, yet conveniently, stirred a whirlwind of emotions in us all. While we all await our mysterious destiny trying to stay positive as we work from home or make arrangements otherwise to remain productive ... Read More »


Muslim men wearing protective masks perform Friday prayers at a mosque in Kuwait City on February 28, 2020. - Kuwait's Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs set the Friday prayer sermon to not exceed 10 minutes, and to discuss precautions against COVID-19 coronavirus disease infections. Kuwait has recorded 43 coronavirus cases since its outbreak, the United Arab Emirates reported 13, while Bahrain has 33, and Oman is at four cases. Government institutions in the gulf country suspended the use of fingerprint recognition to clock in and out. (Photo by YASSER AL-ZAYYAT / AFP)

Islamic Teachings about Disasters and Coronavirus Attaurrehman Khilji ‘Disaster’ is defined as a sudden and great misfortune or calamity whereas an event or occurrence that provokes or triggers disaster is called ‘hazard’. It is a natural or manmade phenomenon that may cause physical damage and loss of lives, as well as economic loss or threaten human life and wellbeing if ... Read More »

How Coronavirus is Remaking Democratic Politics.


How Coronavirus is Remaking Democratic Politics Philip Stephens The state is back. Long live globalisation. Coronavirus is remaking democratic politics. The paths out of the crisis will present liberal democracies with a choice between authoritarian nationalism and an open global order founded on co-operation between states. Sorry you have no rights to view this Article/Post! Please Login or Register to view ... Read More »