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November 2020

November 2020

New Zealand’s MMP Electoral System


New Zealand’s MMP Electoral System New Zealand’s German-style Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) system requires a party, or an alliance of parties, to win 61 of parliament’s 120 seats to form government. Equating to around 48% of the total vote, the MMP system usually results in a coalition or alliance. Sorry you have no rights to view this Article/Post! Please Login ... Read More »

Moeed Yusuf Knaps India

Kashmir Issue

  Moeed Yusuf Knaps India On October 14, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on National Security and Strategic Policy Planning, Dr Moeed Yusuf, gave an interview to noted Indian journalist Karan Thapar for the media outlet The Wire. In this conversation, Dr Yusuf presented Pakistan’s stance on issues with India in a powerful and an elaborate manner. Following are some ... Read More »

The CPEC Front


The CPEC Front Since its launch by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013, the Belt and Road Initiative has been playing a dominant role in social and economic development of the BRI- and non-BRI countries. Colossal investments backed by China’s highest authority, President Xi himself, continue to play a pivotal role in various areas. Enhanced regional connectivity, and the cooperation ... Read More »

Recent Tax Measures to Combat TAX EVASION


Recent Tax Measures to Combat TAX EVASION Among many reasons of low tax-to-GDP ratio, tax evasion at corporate and non-corporate levels is the principal one. Tax-registered persons are much fewer than the persons who are liable for registration under tax laws. Even the registered persons try to evade taxes by under-reporting their taxable incomes. A large number of registered taxpayers ... Read More »

Rashakai Special Economic Zone


Rashakai Special Economic Zone China, the new economic powerhouse of the world, is implementing its plans to reach out to the world’s important strategic points and have a considerably dominant role in global market, through its ‘One Belt, One Road’ (OBOR) Initiative. Having unparallel global impact, this is an economic initiative unprecedented in the modern world history. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor ... Read More »

Paigham-i-Pakistan Code of Conduct for Religious Harmony


Paigham-i-Pakistan Code of Conduct for Religious Harmony 1. It is obligatory on every citizen of the country to recognise and accept the Constitution and fulfil their oath of loyalty towards the state. 2. All citizens in the country should ensure implementation of all basic rights of the people enshrined in the Constitution that pertain to social and political lives, freedom ... Read More »



TERRORISM FINANCING LAWS IN PAKISTAN Introduction “The first step towards a science of law is the making of distinction between what comes within and what does not come within the legal meaning of a rule.” —Roscoe Pound If Pound’s axiomatic first step is taken in understanding laws related to Financial Action Task Force (FATF), it will transpire that many laws ... Read More »

ECONOMIC DIPLOMACY The New front in foreign policy of Pakistan


ECONOMIC DIPLOMACY The New front in foreign policy of Pakistan In the contemporary world, only those countries enjoy prestige and power in the global arena which have strong, prosperous economies as well as vigilant diplomats pursuing the interests of their countries in other countries. Although the concept of diplomacy, traditionally, is considered related to state-centric analyses of mainly political agenda, ... Read More »



WORLD WAR 3 From escalating tensions in the East Mediterranean region to the South China Sea and from historical conflicts in the Eurasian region to border disputes up in the Himalayas, here are a list of possible conflicts which can spiral out of control and trigger a potential World War. Sorry you have no rights to view this Article/Post! Please ... Read More »

The Abraham Accords


The Abraham Accords The return of the global balance of power paved the way for major powers to set up a Eurasian chessboard, once again, for global dominance. But this time, the confronting players are the United States of America and the People’s Republic of China, along with Russia as well. These players are confronting each other on a number ... Read More »