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October 2020

October 2020

The Pension Bomb


The Pension Bomb “The government is paying Rs470 billion on account of pensions [to former government employees or their spouses]. This amount is almost equal to the amount [Rs500billion] that we pay to the existing government employees as salaries. At many universities, the amount spent on paying pensions has increased more than spending on salaries. The problem must be streamlined ... Read More »

Pakistan-Bangladesh Economic Ties


Pakistan-Bangladesh Economic Ties Since July 22 when Prime Minister Imran Khan and his Bangladeshi counterpart Shaikh Hasina spoke by telephone, there have been growing calls for reconciliation between both countries as it is more than evident that political and economic compulsions appear to be taking both the leaders towards rapprochement. Despite an unfriendly political environment, trade has been considered one ... Read More »

Pakistan’s Enduring Governance Challenges


Pakistan’s Enduring Governance Challenges   Asadullah Noonari It is the quality and features of governance that translate the extent of peace and stability and prospects of economic development in a country. The word governance is derived from the Greek word ‘kubernaein’, meaning steering or piloting. It was also used by Plato concerning how to design a realm of rule. In ... Read More »

Nuclear diplomacy of Pakistan


Nuclear diplomacy of Pakistan Aftab H. Wahla Since the dawn of the nuclear age – with the dropping of nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 – nuclear diplomacy has been on the centre stage in international affairs. The post-war multilateralism has given significant expansion to the scope and jurisdiction of traditional diplomacy and, today, economy, technology exchange, scientific ... Read More »