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Nadeem Baloch (PAS) 6th in Pakistan 1st in Sindh Rural CSS 2019-20


Nadeem Baloch (PAS) 6th in Pakistan 1st in Sindh Rural CSS 2019-20 Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): First of all, please tell us about your educational background? Nadeem Baloch (NB): I did my intermediate from Saint Bonaventure’s High School, Hyderabad. For graduation, I joined Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, from where I earned a BSBA degree.   JWT: Since you have been allocated ... Read More »

Corruption or Democracy No Other Way Out


Corruption or Democracy No Other Way Out Corruption and democracy are directly linked with each other, in a way that one’s existence causes death of the other. Democracy, which reflects the will of the people, cannot compromise on corruption which is against the will of the people. “For Aristotle, democracy was a vicious form of government, in which many used ... Read More »



CONSTITUTION ESSENTIALS. Maurice Sunkin opines that defining constitution attracts variants. This way of going about constitution comfortably concedes to academic disagreement and emphatically encourages adaptation to opinion diversification. But it does not help to know what it entails; for example, it does not tell whether it simply means any set of rules or set of constitutional rules or something else. ... Read More »

Water Scarcity in Pakistan.


Water Scarcity in Pakistan. Pakistan is, currently, mired in several multifarious crises, but one of the most pressing issues that the country faces at the moment is the water crisis. Pakistan faces a serious water crisis as per-capita water availability falls due to diminishing freshwater supplies and the exponentially increasing demands of the country’s burgeoning population. According to the National ... Read More »

Transition to Sustainable Economy


  Transition to Sustainable Economy Every time a crisis unfolds, the hopeful among us point to the possibility that in every crisis exists an opportunity. Covid-19 has been no exception. Even those who like to see the glass half-full are already pointing to significant improvement in air pollution metrics in the wake of the lockdowns. Others are happy to flag ... Read More »

The Education Dilemma of Pakistan

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The Education Dilemma of Pakistan Education is the road to national development. Being a dynamic force, a viable education system enables a nation to achieve its national goals. Since its inception, Pakistan, being a developing country, has been facing critical problems in its education sector. Perhaps, this is the reason why the system of education has failed to meet the ... Read More »

The Ballooning Circular debt


The Ballooning Circular debt Transmission and distribution parts of the supply chain of Pakistan’s power sector are exclusively owned, managed and operated by the public sector whereas the production sector enjoys contributions from both public and private companies. At the generation level, WAPDA, KESC, Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission are generating electricity from an installed generation ... Read More »