April 2014

Jahangir’s World Times April 2014

Status of Minorities

Every now and then something happens that highlights the precarious situation in which the non-Muslim religious minorities are living in Pakistan. However, the gloss on the issues of religious minorities proves to be fleeting in nature. The pattern that has emerged from a number of recent incidents is that the government’s interest stays alive in such cases as long as …

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World in Focus (Feb-Mar 2014)

News From National & International Press National Feb 16: A militant outfit, Mohmand Agency Taliban, claimed to have killed 23 FC soldiers they had kidnapped from Shongari checkpost in the tribal region in 2010. Feb 16: Clean Water Trust, for providing clean and hygienic drinking water to people across the Punjab, was formed with Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar as …

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ENGLISH Precis & Composition

(Solved by Prof. Muzaffar Bokhari) Q No. 2: PRECIS Education and Morality The only protection for today’s man is to find the use of his intelligence in the service of love. Intelligence can become a means of morality and survival if its training includes human sympathy. Educators can add morality to intelligence. The task of teaching morality was entrusted to …

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Social and Economic Securities for Women in Islam

‘Observe your duty to Allah in respect to the women, and treat them well.’ (al-Hadith) Islam has bestowed on women the numerous social and economic securities. Since its emergence, Islam always had advocated and protected the rights of women. Islamic teachings, obliterating the false customs regarding women, have granted them unprecedented prestige and honour. The inhumane practices like female infanticide …

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Media & Agenda Setting

For a generation, until the collapse of the Soviet Union, American news organizations reported on the world largely through the prism of the Cold War. Particularly on TV networks the East-West Conflict was a useful framing device especially on news shows.  But, after the fall of Berlin Wall in 1989, media enterprises turned their attention towards domestic matters. Thus, media …

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As we look through the lattice of history, we realise that the greatest hindrance to recognising the excellence of a genius comes from his contemporaries. Allama Iqbal was one of those rare geniuses whose excellence in the field of poetry as well as political thinking was recognised throughout the world in his own lifetime. As we look through the lattice …

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During the times when Greece was facing moral and ethical decay, there appeared a great soul, Socrates, to restore purity of thought and action. Few men in history practiced what they preached, and he was one among those. Socrates was a staunch defender of the objectivity of truth’ ‘Know Thyself’ was his motto. To him virtue consists of being truthful …

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10 Questions with Talha Masood, 4th in Balochistan, CSS 2012

JWT provides CSS aspirants with complete guidance on all aspects of CSS. Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): Kindly tell us about your educational background and achievements in detail. Talha Masood (TM): I was never so fortunate as to get educated from quality institutions. My schooling till class 9th was at Pak Public Model School, Panjgur. Then I did matriculation from Babar …

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