February 2014

Let There be Peace

Expected Questions for CSS – 2014

Essays 1.   Energy crisis in Pakistan: causes and consequences 2.   A critical analysis of education systems in Pakistan 3.   Democracy is a culture rather than a process. 4.   Not economy but politics is a key to success 5.   Dialogue is the best course to combat terrorism 6.   Social and economic securities for women in Islam 7.   Without good communication skills, …

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The Future of OPEC

OPEC was organized in the early 1960s by Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait and Venezuela with the primary goal of unifying the five countries’ oil export policies. The five countries certainly possessed that power when the cartel was initially formed, and while the cartel still produces about 40% of the world’s oil, OPEC’s dominance has declined over the years.

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Good Governance by Participation

There is a huge difference between government and the governance; the former is a physical entity while the latter is qualitative and normative in nature. There can be a government but what determines its efficacy and effectiveness in improving the lives of its citizens is its governance.

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Resource Mobilization & The Economy of Pakistan

Pakistan is a country having vast natural resources but, unfortunately, it is unable to manage the scattered and divided network of national assets. All mismanagement and encroachment upon our internal affairs is due to intellectual vacuum and political dilemmas. Ironically, we are not independent enough to introduce some healthy economic reforms.

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