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February 2013

How to Manage Energy Consumption in Offices and Workplaces

Energy consumption in offices and workplaces needs to be addressed on a large scale as lot of energy is consumed and wasted here. The use of excess energy contributes to the problems associated with dwindling fossil fuel reserves. Also, wasting energy reduces profitability. The government support programmes in some countries on energy efficiency and management as well as carbon management ... Read More »


1. Canton is a city in: (a) China    (b) South Korea (c) Thailand    (d) Germany 2.    Indonesia and Malaysia are separated by: (a) Inaccessible mountain (b) Malacca Strait (c) Gulf of Malaysia    (d) None of these 3.    Capital of Zimbabwe is (a) Lagos    (b) Pretoria (c) Seoul    (d) None of these 4.    Myanmar is the new name of: (a) Burma   ... Read More »

WORLD IN FOCUS (Dec 2012- Jan 2013)

News From National & International Press   National  Dec 13: The NAB chief, Admiral (retd) Fasih Bokhari, raised the estimate of the level of corruption in the country to Rs.13 billion a day or Rs.5 trillion a year dismissing government’s reaction. Dec 13: The ministry of food security conceded that poverty has been increasing in the country during the past four ... Read More »

This Month in History February

Feb 1, 2003 – Sixteen minutes before it was scheduled to land, the Space Shuttle Columbia broke apart in flight over west Texas, killing all seven crew members. The accident may have resulted from damage caused during liftoff when a piece of insulating foam from the external fuel tank broke off, piercing a hole in the shuttle’s left wing that ... Read More »

Queries of CSS Hopefuls

Q#1: How to answer the question asked about our personality traits in Interview? Best: conscientious, trustworthy and self-reliant. Worst: intense, competitive, perfectionist. It is a common question in Interview especially with Psychologists’ Panel. When they ask you to describe your three best and worst personality traits, watch out that interviewers are increasingly savvy about evasions of the second part of ... Read More »

Vocabulary In News

confounded: (adj.) confused, befuddled, perplexed  PPP is confounded after PML-N victory in by-polls. swansong: (n) a final performance or effort He has decided to make this tour his swansong. fester: (v) intensify, aggravate, blister Political interference has festered power woes in Pakistan. stalemate: (n) deadlock, standoff, impasse Syrian civil war came at a stalemate as Assad said that he won’t ... Read More »

In Conversation with Amna Rafique, PAS, 51st CSS-2011

‘The Harder you Work, the Luckier you are’ One needs to be careful to select right topic for essay and then understanding the requirements of examiner along with providing solid arguments. Jahangir’s World Times: Kindly tell us about your educational background and achievements in detail? Amna Rafique: I have done Msc Mass Communication from National University of Modern Languages (NUML) ... Read More »

Delhi Sinister: An Eye-Opener for Pakistan

The case of the Indian rape victim, Miss Jayoti Singh Pandey, is an eye-opener. This highly despicable and condemnable incident has raised serious questions about the political leadership, the structure of policing, the law and order situation, moral values and the place of women in society. In democratic societies, human rights are discussed at length, morality is valued, and democracy ... Read More »

Discrimination in, to and Through Education

The education system of a country carries paramount importance because its progress entirely depends on education. The better the education system, the more progress a nation will make. The first Education Conference was held in 1947 as per the directives of the founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The Father of the Nation provided basic guidelines for future development ... Read More »

India and Pakistan: Continued Conflict or Cooperation?

By Stanley Wolpert, Berkeley Year 2010 University of California Press PP. 126, Price Rs 1,695. In India and Pakistan: Continued Conflict or Cooperation? Stanley Wolpert, an expert on modern political history of Pakistan and India, sets out to explore the reasons which explain the continuing conflicts between the two countries. The task is great with a complex web of historical, ... Read More »