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The Regional Spy War against Pakistan, Fighting a two-front war

Regional Spy War against Pakistan

India has long dreamed of becoming a regional hegemon in South Asia. With an aim to achieve preponderance, New Delhi has employed both soft and hard power in order to bring all the peripheral South Asian states under its military and economic tentacles. For India, economically- and militarily-rising Pakistan continues to pose a significant threat to its ambitions. “India has ... Read More »

National & International MCQs (October-November)


National 1. On Oct 16, ______ became the first head of the Saarc’s Anti-Corruption Forum (ACF). (a) Sri Lanka    (b) India (c) Bhutan    (d) Pakistan 2. The country director of the United Nations Population Fund is ______. (a) Haji Ahmed Malik (b) Syed Qamaruzzaman Shah (c) Dr Hassan Mohtashami (d) Christine Lagarde 3. The reverse side of the 10-rupee coin, ... Read More »

A cursory glance at PAK-RUSSIA RELATIONS

Pak-Russia Relations

The relationship between Pakistan and Russia has been under stresses and strains for rather a longer period of time. Especially during the days of the Cold War, the relations were at their lowest ebb. The bilateral ties got an inauspicious start with the former Soviet Union eschewing sending the customary words of felicitation on Pakistan’s emergence as an independent country ... Read More »

Our Foreign Policy Failures

Foreign Policy

“Foreign policy is the system of activities evolved by communities for changing the behaviour of other states and for adjusting their own activities to the international environment.”  — George Modelski Foreign policy is a behavioural pattern which the states adopt to conduct their diplomatic relations with other states in the global system. This policy, which is designed and redesigned by ... Read More »

Foreign Policy of Pakistan, A Strategic Vision

Foreign Policy of Pakistan, A Strategic Vision

Pakistan’s foreign policy choices, like any other country, are determined by international and regional geopolitical trends as well as by its domestic environment. Foreign policy formulation in Pakistan has also taken imprints of global situation that is rapidly transforming, regional situation that remains complex and domestic environment which offers multitude of both challenges and opportunities. On global stage, profound transformations ... Read More »

The US under Trump

The US under Trump

Since the US still wields considerable economic power and possesses unmatchable military prowess, the entire world keenly watched the debates between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican hopeful Donald Trump for the most powerful position in the world, the President of the United States. The incendiary statement of firebrand Trump against asserting China, Russia and Islam led an overwhelming number ... Read More »