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February 2017

CSS 2017 Special

The Richest Vs. The Rest An Economy for the 99%

World in Focus (December-16 to January-17)

World in Focus (Dec-16 to Jan-17)

 NATIONAL Dec 16: The Council of Common Interests agreed to begin Pakistan’s sixth population census from March 15, 2017. About the CCI Under the Constitution of 1973, the President appoints the Council on the advice of the Prime Minister. The Council is responsible to both the Houses of Parliament i.e. the Senate of Pakistan & National Assembly. It’s mandatory for ... Read More »

I.Q. Test

IQ Test Pakistan

1. If 12 years are added to 2/3 age of Ayesha, she will be three years older than today. Her present age is ______. (a) 24        (b) 27 (c) 30        (d) 33 2. Ali drove south for 6km, turned left and drove for 2km, then turned right and drove for 4km. He again turned right and drove 2km. ... Read More »

Benazir Income Support Programme, There’s always room for improvement

Benazir Income Support Programme

Recently, a British newspaper the Daily Mail accused the British government of squandering more than £1 billion in foreign aid given away in cash over the past five years. It took umbrage at one scheme in particular: the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP), which provides families in Pakistan with an amount of over 1500 rupees per month with the objective ... Read More »

The Power of Radio

The Power of Radio

“This is Pakistan Broadcasting Service, Lahore. We now bring you a special programme on the dawn of Pakistan’s independence.” This announcement in the voices of Zahur Azar and Mustafa Ali Hamadani from Lahore station of Pakistan Broadcasting Service (PBS) heralded the formal inception of radio in Pakistan. Similar announcements by Aftab Ahmad Khan from Peshawar and A.F. Kalimullah from Dhaka ... Read More »

America’s Decline and the Future of Humanity

Americas Decline and the Future of Humanity

Assessing the impacts of America’s growing isolation The present generation of young people as well as the generations to come will face some really hard, demanding problems that have never arisen in the 200,000 years of human history. Although looking at the turmoil and chaos in the world today, particularly the growing climatic changes, the rise of ISIS, Russia-US tensions, ... Read More »

Diplomacy in Islam, It’s all about making peace

Diplomacy in Islam

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” ― Sun Tzu Diplomacy is the established method of influencing the decisions and behaviours of foreign governments and peoples through dialogue, negotiation and other measures; short of war or violence. In international relations, the word ‘diplomacy’ is used in different ways. In the narrow sense, it’s the procedures ... Read More »

Higher Education and Its Diminishing Worth in Pakistan

Higher Education and Its Diminishing Worth in Pakistan

We often hear that the Government of Pakistan is paying full attention on higher education in order to meet the international standards. Although government figures on higher education present a brighter picture of the development and growth of this sector, yet ground realities are starkly different. Most universities in Pakistan are highly politicized and have fewer resources at their disposal ... Read More »

Census in Pakistan, Headcount and its importance for effective governance

Census in Pakistan

Conducting an accurate, reliable census is inevitable for a country to effectively plan growth, deliver services and solve the problems of the citizenry. A population census is a regular counting of the number of men, women, children—able and disabled—in a country by the government for better economic planning and achieving the goal of development thereupon. All sane parents know that ... Read More »

The Hung Geopolitics of Kashmir Leadership, Need for a policy revision

The Hung Geopolitics of Kashmir Leadership

By: Dr G.M. Athar “Jammu and Kashmir bears the direct brunt of animosity between India and Pakistan. … We have to create such a good atmosphere in Jammu and Kashmir that India and Pakistan are compelled to come together.”  — Mehbooba Mufti (Chief Minister of Indian-Occupied Kashmir) The pro-independence political leadership of Jammu and Kashmir State has throughout maintained equidistant ... Read More »