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January 2017

In Conversation with Raja M. Qasim Janjua, 22nd in Punjab, PMS-2015

Raja M Qasim Janjua PMS-2015

I am highly indebted to Jahangir’s World Times for offering guidance, inspiration and knowledge for achieving my dreams. Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): First of all, please tell us about your educational background? Raja M. Qasim Janjua (RQJ): I hail from a small village Jhugion-Dhak in Khushab district. After doing matriculation from Sialkot Cantt., I moved to Jauharabad from where I ... Read More »

The Real War of Ideas

The Real War of Ideas

In My Life: A Provincial’s Story, published in 1896, Chekhov has a particularly devastating portrait of the muzhiks, the Russian peasants, that in its own way demonstrates all the intractability of the Russian social and political condition throughout history. “They were mostly nervous, irritated, insulted people; they were people of suppressed imagination, ignorant, with a poor, dull outlook, with ever ... Read More »

The Future of Governance E-Governance

The Future of Governance E-Governance

E-governance or electronic governance implies a smooth and convenient interface between the government and the citizen with the help of Information and communications technology (ICT). While e-governance can’t entirely replace manual governance, its application, even though limited, is good enough to affect day-to-day living of the people. E-governance i.e. use of computers in government business and service delivery at door ... Read More »

A Nation at a Crossroads

A Nation at a Crossroads

Most often, I dream of an ideal situation where national unity prevails in nook and cranny of the state, and people, irrespective of their ethnic and lingual differences, collectively take part in building the national prestige; where citizens participate in decision-making processes with equity and display similar zeal and fervour for the development and progress of the nation. Haplessly, in ... Read More »

In Conversation with Dr Anam Faryal Afzal, 58th in Pakistan, CSS-2015

dr anam faryal afzal Top in CSS

“JWT has everything an aspirant must read to better prepare for the exam” Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): First of all, please tell us about your educational background? Dr Anam Faryal Afzal (AFA): I got my early education from my native city Arifwala. I was a high-achiever and a topper throughout my school years. Since there was no college in Arifwala ... Read More »

Pak-Iran Relations and Future Prospects

Pak-Iran Relations

Napoleon once said, “If you know a country’s geography, you can understand and predict its foreign policy.” He was dead right as the geostrategic, geopolitical and geoeconomic factors have, indubitably, always played a pivotal role in bringing states together so as to maximise their socioeconomic and security interests. On the same line, both Pakistan and Iran, owing to their geographical ... Read More »

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

Third world countries lag far behind their counterparts in the developed world in terms of development primarily because of directionlessness and shortsightedness in the realm of policy formulation. In these countries, the development policies are, unfortunately, marred by a myopic thinking of getting re-elected just to stay in power; thus, true meanings of development are lost in the process. This ... Read More »

Time of Transition, Why we need to promote girls’ education

time of transition

From the dawn of independence to the dusk of controversial Islamization, and then to the terrifying dark nights of 2016, which entail nothing but confusion, Pakistan has paid almost no attention to girls’ education. Female education has been like an orphan child in our society due to the hypocritical nature of our existential ideas and the misleading interpretations of sacred ... Read More »

Permanent Membership of SCO, A potential trump card for Pakistan

Permanent Membership of SCO

During the recent years, there has been a ‘meteoric rise’ to the concept of ‘regionalism’ and the number of ‘regional organisations’ has grown unprecedentedly. The Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat, the Eurasian Economic Union, Saarc, Asean, BIMSTEC, and other such groupings were established by countries situated within a geographical region with an aim to cooperate with one another on matters of mutual ... Read More »