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January 2017

The 6th HEART OF ASIA Conference & The Future of Pak-Afghan Relations

Future of Pak-Afghan Relations

The 6th Heart of Asia—Istanbul Process (HoA—IP) Conference on Afghanistan concluded on December 04 in Indian city of Amritsar with the adoption of Amritsar Declaration. The Conference took place at a time when both India and Pakistan are locked in mistrust and hostilities between the two countries are on the rise. Although the principal aim of the Conference should have ... Read More »

GENDER DISPARITY IN PAKISTAN, Why are we the second-worst country in the world?


Recognizing women’s dignity and working for their health, education, work and political inclusion are two most important prerequisites to achieving the goal of gender equality in Pakistan. Although we believe in this notion, yet despite such acceptance, when it comes to actions, we find that women face mental, physical and emotional torture and harassment at workplace, and in their domestic ... Read More »



Introduction On 19th August 2016, the law related to the electronic crimes was passed by the Parliament; it’s a federal law and is styled as the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016. This write-up shall adumbrate its main features and shall attempt to appraise its substance; this may be done appositely by organizing the content of the law into substantive ... Read More »

Dealing with Islamophobia

Dealing with Islamophobia

We often hear the offensive and acrimonious expressions like “Islamist Terrorism,” “Muslim Terrorists,” and many others. Repeated ad nauseam, they now seem to become an integral part of many prominent and not-so-prominent newspapers and TV outlets, especially in the West. The term “Islamist Terrorism” indicates that Islam has something to do with terrorism; that obviously leads to wrong interpretation of ... Read More »

China and World Economy

China and World Economy

No other sizeable economy in history has ever experienced three unbroken decades of near 10% average economic growth as China did during the recent globalisation era, the legacy of economic reforms begun by its leader Deng Xiaoping. This growth in aggregate output was on average over three times greater per annum than its Western trading partners. (Tony Makin – Renowned ... Read More »

Populism and the Future of Europe, When the winds of change blow

Populism and the Future of Europe

Energized by the Brexit and Donald Trump’s victory in US Presidential election, Europe’s populist movements are on the cusp of sweeping far-right, nationalist and eurosceptic parties into power across the continent in a series of elections to be held in 2017. Although populist parties are already running Europe, the situation is going to get worse in the future as once ... Read More »

President Trump’s First 100 Days , Enter the Twilight Zone

President Trump First 100 Days

Ending regulations on shale energy and coal, signalling the country’s intention to exit the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and targeting cyber-attacks, these are the issues that top the list of Donald Trump’s plans for his first 100 days in the Oval Office. In a YouTube video, Mr Trump discussed how he intends to address trade, energy, regulation, national security, immigration ... Read More »

Europe, Russia & Globalization

Europe, Russia & Globalization

The WEST should become the North, with RUSSIA as an essential part The “West,” as we have known it, is dying before our eyes. The liberal institutional, economic and intellectual carapace which (under both “right-wing” and “left-wing” governments) has enclosed and restricted Western thought since the end of the Cold War is now disintegrating. It has been corroded by a ... Read More »