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June 2017

Jahangirs World Times Magazine
(June 2017)

The New World Order and Pakistan

The New World Order and Pakistan

Henry Kissinger described world order as “the concept held by a region or civilization about the nature of just arrangements and the distribution of power thought to be applicable to the entire world.” The instant article is an attempt to analyze the changing regional and global dynamics and their effects on the future “nature of just arrangements” and “distribution of ... Read More »



As promised in the previous write-up, this piece is aimed at helping you learn the art of précis writing. To simplify the things, I have adopted the Question-Answer format. Q: What is précis? Ans: In simple words, it is the reproduction of the passage in a concise form. Q: What are some useful tips to write a good précis? Ans: ... Read More »

JUST WAR THEORY, A Conceptual Analysis

Just War Theory

Application of morality in launching, fighting and terminating war has been a matter of divergent explanations and interpretations since the very inception of human society. But, still, there are certain agreed-upon principles that are supposed to be followed by states while resorting to war. The laws, which, now, have been codified as International Law and expressed in the UN Charter, ... Read More »

The Art of PRÉCIS WRITING, Top 15 out-of-the-box solutions

the Art of Precis writing

Précis writing remains Achilles’ heel for most of the candidates of the competitive exams, despite a plethora of instructions offered by handbooks as well as teachers. Aspirants get confused because of certain popular misconceptions about the nature of this exercise, and, eventually, miss the mark. Here are some specifics (based on common sense, not run-of-the-mill rules) that shall make life ... Read More »

In Conversation with Umer Sarwar, 1st in Punjab, PMS 2016

Umer Sarwar, 1st in Punjab, PMS 2016

When you have to opt for a subject you had never studied before, go for a subject that is general in nature. Umer Sarwar has topped the Provincial Management Service (PMS) 2016 Exam by securing an impressive aggregate of 1010 marks. Hailing from Rawalpindi, the very talented Umer has an MSc (Hons.) degree in Agricultural Sciences (Food Technology) on his ... Read More »

In Conversation with MALEEHA IESAR (PAS) 1st in Pakistan, CSS-2016

In Conversation with MALEEHA IESAR (PAS) 1st in Pakistan, CSS-2016

Ms Maleeha Iesar, a highly talented young woman, has achieved her dream by securing first position in Pakistan in CSS-2016 exam. She aspires to make a difference in the lives of the people through her work in a constructive and pragmatic way. In an exclusive conversation with Jahangir’s World Times, she shed light on her journey to achieving this success ... Read More »

The Elusive Dream of Pursuing Peace through Strength

The Elusive Dream of Pursuing Peace through Strength

“To pursue peace through strength, it shall be the policy of the United States to rebuild the U.S. Armed Forces.” — President Donald J. Trump Given his view of pursuing peace through strength, the US President, Donald Trump, is not alone, not even first, in viewing the world as a dangerous political jungle filled with untamable predators. Pursuing peace through ... Read More »