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World in Focus ( Oct-Nov 2017 )

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NATIONAL Oct 16: Representatives of Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and the US held their meeting in Muscat, Oman to rejuvenate the stalled Quadrilateral Coordination Group (QCG) working to restore peace in Afghanistan. Oct 16: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) suspended the membership of 261 legislators – 7 senators, 71 MNAs, 84 MPAs of Punjab, 50 MPAs of Sindh, 38 MPAs ... Read More »



The Daughter of a Nation-builder Dina Wadia, the only child of Pakistan’s founding father Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Rattanbai Petit who was also known as Maryam Jinnah, breathed her last on 2 November. Neat and slim, with an imperious nose, the reclusive Dina Wadia stunned those who met her because of her striking resemblance to her great father. She ... Read More »

China-Pakistan Relations


Our Economic Prowess is the Key In the autumn of 1793, George Macartney, the leader of the first British diplomatic mission to China, met Chinese Qianlong Emperor. The envoy presented the objectives of the mission: opening of new ports for British trade, establishment of a permanent embassy, cession of a small unfortified island along China’s coast for British use, and ... Read More »


Will Israel & Saudi Arabia join Hands against Iran?  The Middle East has long been considered the world’s most important region, given its strategic, economic and religious significance. It is the world’s largest oil- and gas-producing region – 65.5 percent of OPEC’s total output comes from the Middle East. It is the converging point of the jugular routes of global ... Read More »

Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy

  Exploring the linkages “What happens to the foreign policies of states when they acquire nuclear weapons?” This question has grown in importance as new nuclear powers have emerged and some other states have moved closer to joining the nuclear club. Indeed, determining the costs the world should be prepared to pay to prevent nuclear proliferation hinges on assessing how ... Read More »

The Future of Iran Nuclear Deal

Possible Impacts of Trump’s refusal to certify JCPOA  On October 13, US President Donald Trump announced his refusal to certify to Congress Iran’s compliance with the nuclear deal formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on the grounds that he does not believe that the agreement the Obama administration and five other world powers reached with Iran ... Read More »

Petrodollar Syndicate

If the petrodollar dies, so does America as a superpower The term petrodollar refers to the money received from the sale of oil. Petrodollar as a device was invented by former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and former US president Richard Nixon. The standard of living of the Americans can be traced back to the vast, oil-rich deserts of ... Read More »