July 2017

National & International MCQs (May-June 2017)


National 1. The Companies Act, 2017, has replaced the Companies Ordinance ______. (a) 1979  (b) 1984 (c) 1988  (d) 1992 2. On May 16, Pakistan signed an MoU with ______ to promote country’s worldwide exports by SMEs through e-commerce. (a) Google (b) Alibaba Group (c) BidPay (d) Amazon 3. On ______, the ICJ restrained Pakistan from executing convicted Indian spy …

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World in Focus (May-June 2017)

NATIONAL May 16: The Senate of Pakistan approved the draft of Companies Act 2017, replacing 33-year-old Companies Ordinance, 1984. May 16: Pakistan signed an MoU with the Alibaba Group to promote country’s worldwide exports by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through e-commerce. May 16: MSCI, a New York-based company, announced the upgrade of Pakistan’s status to the emerging market (EM) …

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Prospects for and hurdles to Peace in Afghanistan

Afghanistan, a war-torn country, yearns for peace. Life in Afghanistan has been paralyzed. Its economy is in tatters – almost ninety percent of its GDP comes from foreign funding. Unemployment ratio is skyrocketing as almost fifty percent of its population is unemployed. In Afghanistan, suicide bombings, bloodshed and massacre of innocent people have become rampant. The Taliban and al-Qaeda have …

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“Behind Every Great Fortune There Is A Crime”

Is it always necessary to be a criminal to become a great man? To understand this, we need to see the formation of greatness in an individual through historical perspective. The word great is described as “high status, qualities, and skills in any field or good physical state of being”. Though its definition may vary from culture to culture, society …

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FAKE NEWS & THE POST-TRUTH WORLD, How to avoid the anathema

“We ought to be suspicious of persuasive speakers and the appeal to emotions.”— Plato The rise of ‘fake news’ sites, internet filter bubbles, and the ever-increasing polarisation of society have given rise to the idea that we are living in a ‘post-truth’ world. Post-truth is what dominates the current political and cultural conversations. Facts are up for dispute, even if …

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PREVENT HEPATITIS It’s up to you, World Hepatitis Day 2017

Advertisements in the form of wall chalking in the nook and cranny of Pakistan as well as print and electronic media campaigns convey a clear message that the menacing the viral infection named hepatitis is rapidly spreading in the country. However, most of these ads come from those individuals, organizations and companies that cause more and more health complications for …

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An Exclusive Interview with Mr Khalid Rahman, Executive President Institute of Policy Studies, Islamabad

China’s plans for global connectivity and the role Pakistan is set to play in this regard are the true ‘game-changer’. Executive President Institute of Policy Studies, Mr Khalid Rahman,  has vast experience in research, conducting policy discussions, training and management. The main focus of his research has been on the national and regional politics, Pak-China relations, madrassah and gender studies. …

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What AILS Afghanistan?

At least 150 people were killed and hundreds injured on May 31 when an explosives-laden truck ripped through Kabul’s diplomatic quarters. The grisly attack took place in Zanbaq Square in Kabul’s 10th district, close to government offices and foreign embassies. There was no immediate claim of responsibility by any terrorist group. Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman for the Taliban, said that …

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