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September 2017

World in Focus (July-August 2017 )

  NATIONAL July 16: Pakistan Army launched Operation Khyber-IV in Khyber Agency’s Rajgal Valley to ‘forestall entry’ of the IS group from Afghanistan. July 16: JUI-F candidate Usman Badini won the NA-260 Quetta-cum-Chagai-cum-Noshki by-poll. July 18: Lahore High Court Chief Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah struck down the PEMRA’s notification regarding a ban on broadcasting of Indian dramas on private ... Read More »

Dr. Ruth Katherina Martha Pfau, The Mother Teresa of Pakistan!

“Dr Pfau’s services to end leprosy in Pakistan cannot be forgotten. She left her homeland and made Pakistan her home to serve humanity. Pakistani nation salutes Dr Pfau and her great tradition to serve humanity will be continued.” — Mamnoon Hussain President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Dr Ruth Pfau, a German-born medical missionary who was hailed as the ... Read More »


Recently, there was a huge commotion in Pakistani media caused by the book entitled ‘The Contractor’ written by Raymond Allen Davis, who killed two men in Lahore, for which he remained incarcerated in 2011 for 49 days. This book is full of anti-Pakistan material and contains mudslinging on former Director General Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Lieutenant General Ahmad Shuja Pasha. General ... Read More »

Trump’s War on Afghanistan Implications for Pakistan and the region

The election of Donald Trump as the president of the world’s most powerful country, the United States of America, has shaken the very foundations of the postwar, merit-based international order that helped achieve tremendous accomplishments for the humanity: hard-won global consensus on climate change is in tatters; the basic principles of globalized trade are being amended to promote the monopolistic ... Read More »

Middle Powers in International Relations

Realism’s theoretical dominance in International Relations (IR), especially its focus on the power of superpowers and its state-centric view of international society, has been challenged by the collapse of the Soviet Union and the global transformations characterising the post-Cold War era. One of those transformations is the way in which “states neither great nor small” are gaining increased recognition amid ... Read More »

Options for Trump In Afghanistan, Uncle Sam and The Graveyard of Empires

The entry of Donald Trump to the Oval office has shocked the world opinion and policymakers due to his mercurial demeanor. At present, South Asia, especially Afghanistan, is also under a state of extreme uneasiness due to the forthcoming Afghan policy of Trump administration. This time, Afghanistan that is already in ruins after 17 long years of war, deserves favourable ... Read More »