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February 2018

Relevance of OIC in Global Political Scenario and its Role in Promoting Interests of the Muslim World (PMS-2017)

1. Introduction 2. History and structure of OIC a. Creation of OIC b. Major objectives c. Organizational structure 3. Relevance of OIC in present global scenario a. Successful role of many organizations e.g. ASEAN, SCO, NATO. b. Unresolved political issues of Muslim states c. Ongoing war on terror in Muslim countries d. Abysmal economic and social conditions in Muslim states ... Read More »

The Dilemma of Muslim Unity

United we stand, divided we fall When US President Donald Trump announced his disruptive policy decision to shift American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the divided Muslim world awoke from its deep slumber and issued its disapproval, albeit faint, of the decision. Since the creation of Organisation of Islamic Conference (now Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) in 1969, the Muslim ... Read More »

ISLAMIC FINANCE Opportunities and Challenges

One of the most prominent aspects of Islam is that it attempts to moralize every walk of life. All social institutions (religious, political, economic, educational, recreational and legal) are structured in such a way that the enabling societal conditions are provided where an individual’s as well as a society’s collective advancement is ensured within strong moral precepts. The same is ... Read More »

Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Are they the future of money? The rapid rise in the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies during the recent weeks has attracted the attention of investors, financial companies, regulators, and the media alike. Today, bitcoin is everywhere — in the news, in conversations, in the money market, even in ATMs. The cryptocurrency has gained so much attention that even ... Read More »

3rd JWT Essay Competition 2nd Position Essay

By: Dr Ayesha Khan Is Populism Threatening the Liberal World Order? OUTLINE 1. Introduction “The roots of the once unchallengeable liberal world order are being shaken; populism has emerged to counter this world order.” What in populism? 2. Rising populism A threat to the liberal world order: 2.1 Trump’s election 2.2 Brexit 2.3 Massive number of votes to AfD in ... Read More »


There is no blinking at the fact that human rights have played an important role in promotion of a good society by making the concepts of humanity and human dignity popular. Throughout the human history, autocratic governments have violated the fundamental concept of human dignity, and rights of human beings were violated on a large scale. Human rights are important ... Read More »

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and His Contribution to Muslim Resurgence

Introduction Following the suppression of the War of Independence of 1857, the burden of responsibility fell squarely upon the Muslims, though the Hindus had equally spearheaded the ‘revolt’ against the British. Whereas the Muslim found themselves in the bad books of the rulers, they latter took the Hindus for their blue-eyed boy. The nightmare of ruthless persecution by the British ... Read More »

In Conversation with Abdul Rehman Khan, 19th in Punjab, PMS-2016

JWT helped me a great deal during my preparation for PMS exam. It provided me with most relevant material for the preparation of General Knowledge paper. Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): First of all, please tell us about your educational background? Abdul Rehman Khan (ARK): My early education was from government schools of Haveli Lakha (District Okara). I always wanted to ... Read More »

In Conversation with M. SHAHAB ASLAM (PAS), 19th in Pakistan, CSS-2016

World Times is the finest institute in Lahore for the preparation of CSS exam. I prepared for both written and interview parts of CSS from WTI. Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): First of all, please tell us about your educational background? Muhammad Shahab Aslam (MSA): I did FSc from Government College University (GCU), Faisalabad, and later MBBS from Independent Medical College ... Read More »

The Fundamental Right to EDUCATION

By: Muhammad Usama Is the state fulfilling its responsibility? Ever since the dawn of modern civilization, education has played a pivotal role in building, nourishing and sustaining societies. It is only after the Renaissance, Rebirth and Reformation, egged on by printing of books (Bible was one of them) that Europe was saved from the Dark Ages and it ushered in ... Read More »