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February 2018

IRAN’S Protests in Perspective

The regime needs to change its policies Living under the shadow of crippling international sanctions for a long time, Iran has faced many an economic predicament. Its population of over 80 million has been reeling under the isolationist policies of the world, especially those of the United States and Europe, against the Islamic Republic. On the other hand, nearly three ... Read More »

Crisis of National Integration in Pakistan

Analyzing the Problems and Issues of Federalism National Integration/Federalism Federation is a form of government in which power is constitutionally divided among different federating units in such a way that each one exercises responsibility for a particular set of functions and maintains its own institutions to describe these functions. Federalism establishes two sets of government: federal or central authority, and ... Read More »

Economy of Pakistan and The delusion of growth

The economic journey of Pakistan always has been a rollercoaster ride. The reliance upon foreign aid and remittances, along with lack of real domestic economic base, has been a constant source of uncertainty for the country’s economy. With apparently impressive growth rate, the state of economy is not as hunky-dory as it is portrayed by the authorities. Economy is not ... Read More »

The Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition: A Spice to the Boiling Cauldron?

In December 2015, Saudi Arabia announced the formation of a pan-Islamic unified front in the global fight against terrorism and violent extremism under the name the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC). This coalition of 41 countries is claimed to be a counter-terror force, however, the real motives of this strategic move have been received with a tinge of scepticism. ... Read More »

Understanding Right of Access to Information Act 2017

Withholding information is the essence of tyranny “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.” ― Universal Declaration of Human Rights Under Article 19A of the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973, the people of ... Read More »

Donor-Funded Projects and Public–Private Partnerships in Health Sector

An overview of the health system in Pakistan over the past 70 years offers evidence of efforts for better service delivery as well as challenges and impediments in this regard. The challenges have spread over a wide area including policy formulation, financing (or lack thereof), coordination of available resources and implementation at the level of end users – the people ... Read More »

How Not to Engage With Pakistan

An Ambassador’s Views on Trump’s Decision President Trump’s decision to suspend almost all security aid to Pakistan, which quickly followed his accusation that Pakistan had “given us nothing but lies and deceit,” suggests that his administration is carrying out the hard-line approach that the president foreshadowed in August. On January 04, the State Department confirmed the suspension of security assistance ... Read More »

Revolutionizing Connectivity through Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)

In the contemporary world, the connectivity phenomenon is having its deep roots and it can be easily seen in theoretical world as well as practical fields in maintaining dynamic relations among states. Either to discuss the realist or the liberalist, one thing is common; they are concerned about survival; sustain life and living. Realism is one of the oldest paradigms ... Read More »

Nations Go to Polls in 2018

Elections to look out for this year In the year 2017, the French elected Emmanuel Macron as their president, while South Koreans elected Moon Jae-in to replace Park Geun-hye who was ousted in a corruption scandal. In the same year, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani won re-election with a much wider margin of support than his first term while Turkey voted ... Read More »