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January 2018

Is United States in Love with China?

The Sino-US relations are no longer what they used to be. President Donald Trump’s three-day visit, in November 2017, to China has revealed that the strained relations between strategic rivals are taking new turns; from chasm to rapprochement. Trump was all praise for Xi Jinping. The US President was extended a red-carpet welcome upon his arrival in China – his ... Read More »

The Problem with ‘the Best of Intentions’ Foreign Policy

By: Robert D. Kaplan The nineteenth-century Germans focused so much on philosophy; partly in order not to compete with the protean genius of Goethe, who had dominated all the other literary genres in Germany for so long. And so we have Hegel, Nietzsche and Schopenhauer defining, among other things, the concept of tragedy. But it is Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel ... Read More »

The unbreakable stalemate in AFGHAN PEACE PROCESS

In the past several years, considerable efforts to end the war in Afghanistan have been made. However, none of these efforts have produced any tangible result, and the current war continues to cost Afghan lives and has affected every aspect of life in the war-ravaged country. Most Afghans are in favour of bringing peace through negotiations with the Taliban and ... Read More »

Narcotics and Sentence

By: Urainab The Control of Narcotics Substances Act, 1997 (hereinafter the Act), is a special law. The object of the Act, inter alia, is to control the production, processing and trafficking of narcotics, etc. In order to find sentencing trends of different courts on narcotic substances, the Lahore High Court (LHC) carried out a survey. The information gained through the ... Read More »

Understanding Preconditions for Voluntary Tax Compliance

Taxes are widely used to support a range of government policies besides raising revenue for balancing budgets. Normally, taxes are levied to promote desirable economic and social activities and to discourage those activities that are considered harmful by a society.  Economically and socially, direct taxes, owing to their neutral and progressive nature, are preferred over indirect taxes. Like many other ... Read More »

The Cure for Pakistan’s Climate Change Woes

How to tackle the most daunting challenge As a non-traditional security threat, climate change has continued to pose daunting challenges to Pakistan. The pressing issue of global warming jeopardizes a country’s future economic stability and security. The devastating floods of 2010 and 2011 and the extreme heatwave of 2015 have indicated that the state should brace itself for more natural ... Read More »

A Brief Review of Land Reforms in Pakistan

Introduction Land signifies different things to different segments of society. Whatever use it may be put to, land is, succinctly, a repository of capital, fertile source of wealth, vehicle of getting into the socio-political mainstream, agency of gaining political leverage, instrument of getting let-in into the corridors of power and means to climbing up the higher rungs of the ladder ... Read More »

Iran’s Push to Pakistan on IP Project

Cooperation is the best way forward In October 2017, Iran wrote a letter to Pakistan for resumption of Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project, though it paid no heed to Pakistan’s request for revisiting the price. The letter is a fresh bid to push ahead with the long-stalled gas pipeline project, especially following persistent pressure from Saudi Arabia and sanctions imposed by ... Read More »

Kim vs Trump

The Threat of Nuclear Annihilation Since the day Donald J. Trump entered the White House, one thing has been established with absolute veracity: he is a consummate liar. He has told numerous lies to the world as well as to the American people. The frequence of his lies can be assessed from a report published by the Washington Post recently ... Read More »