March 2018

Pakistan’s Stifled Bureaucracy

World in Focus (Jan – Feb 2018)

NATIONAL Jan 16: President of Pakistan Federation Baseball and ex-director general Sports Board Punjab Khawar Shah passed away. He was 68. Jan 16: The government announced ‘Idea Award Scheme’ for asking bureaucrats to send suggestions for improving governance and decision-making process by offering them even cash prizes. Paigham-i-Pakistan State Narrative Against Terrorism Jan 16: Paigham-i-Pakistan, a document that offers counter-narrative …

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Breaking the Taboo on CHILD ABUSE

Rape is Never the Victim’s Fault! Children are vulnerable to sexual abuse all over the world. In Pakistan, the dynamics that make them vulnerable are twofold: impunity for perpetrators, which is reflective of the overall weak and easy-to-be-manipulated criminal justice system compounded by low priority given to crimes of this nature by authorities and the taboos around issues related to …

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The Curse of divorce

A burning issue that must be addressed immediately Pakistan is a country where marriage is considered sacred, due to the religion of choice, which is Islam. Islam teaches Muslims to not opt for the way of divorce and work to rebuild the relation between husband and wife. However, the increasing rate of divorces in Pakistan is an alarming trend. With …

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Military and Politics in Pakistan

Military is a formidable political actor in Pakistan, capable of influencing the nature and direction of political change. Pakistan’s reins have effectively been in the hands of the army for more than thirty-eight years since the country’s independence in 1947. Besides, it dominated the political system behind the scenes for more than two decades. Hence, there were only few intermittent …

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The Afghanistan Tinderbox

Political and Security Situation in Afghanistan Afghanistan is facing 5the worst political and security situation since the instalment of new regime after the ouster of Taliban from power in Afghanistan. Currently, the political tensions between the Ashraf Ghani administration and Atta Mohammad Noor over the governorship of the Balkh Province and the recent security incidents in the country have increased …

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World’s Flashpoints

The Hawks again Stalk the Doves While making his New Year’s resolution for 2018, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, came up with a message to the world: “When I took office one year ago, I appealed for 2017 to be a year for peace. Unfortunately – in fundamental ways, the world has gone in reverse. On New …

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Time & Work

1. A completes a work in 12 days whereas B completes the same work in 24 days. If both A and B work together, the work will be completed in ______. (a) 6 days         (b) 8 days (c) 10 days       (d) 12 days 2. If 4 men can colour 48m cloth in 2 days, 6 …

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Democracy in Pakistan Hopes and hurdles

1. Introduction 2. An Overview of Political History of Pakistan Inception of Pakistan and initial problems The game of musical chair during the first eleven years Imposition of martial law by Ayub Khan Secession of East Pakistan Democratic Pakistan in the 70s Overthrow of democratic government by General Zia-ul-Haq Miracles of 58-2(b) in the 90s Entry of Pervez Musharraf and …

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Higher Education in Pakistan Ills and remedies

1. Introduction 2. Types of Education Formal education Informal education 3. An Overview of Higher Education Setup in Pakistan Statutory position Administrative system Institutes 4. Ills Prevailing in Higher Education System of Pakistan A. Infrastructure-related Ills Lack of institutes Missing necessary facilities Overcharging by private-sector institutions B. Human Resource-related Ills Meagre strength of faculties Lack of motivation in members of …

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