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March 2018

Pakistan’s Stifled Bureaucracy

3rd JWT Essay Competition 3rd Position Essay

By: Ali Muhamamd Memon Is Populism Threatening the Liberal World Order? OUTLINE 1. Introduction 2. A brief overview of liberal world order 3. What are the underpinnings that beget populism? Macro-level analysis Micro-level reasoning 4. Contemporary vicious cycle of populism and its repercussions on erratic world order Trumpism in United States of America and his truculent executive orders. Unilateral withdrawal ... Read More »

In Conversation with TARIQ MEHMOOD, 9th in Punjab, PMS-2016

World Times Institute (WTI) is the best institution for preparation for competitive exams, especially CSS and PMS. Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): First of all, please tell us about your educational background? Tariq Mehmood (TM): I matriculated from Govt. High School Burj Dara (District Hafizabad) and did FSc (Pre-Med) from Leads College Lahore. later, I graduated from University of Agriculture Faisalabad ... Read More »

In Conversation with ZARMINA WAZIR (PAS), First in FATA, CSS-2016

“Never underestimate your own abilities and do not lose hope.” Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): First of all, please tell us about your educational background? Zarmina Wazir (ZW): I have done BBA (Hons) and I was pursuing my master’s degree in Public Administration when the final CSS result was announced. JWT: Since everyone starts dreaming of a future career right from ... Read More »

The New Russo-Chinese Great Game and Future of Eurasia

Influential theories and ideals have shaped global politics in different ways. Mackinder’s Heartland theory, which transformed the fate of Central Asia, is one of them. After igniting Great Game between Russia and the United Kingdom, the idea of Eurasian landmass as the heartland of the world ultimately resulted in Second World War owing mainly to Hitler’s quest for lebensraum in ... Read More »

Donald Trump and International Law

Is the US being isolated? Ever since the dawn of human civilization, the fierce competition and armed confrontations over limited natural and human resources have been the indispensable part of efforts for the advancement of material wellbeing. These wars and armed clashes caused irreparable material and human losses and these horrible consequences forced the humanity to seek peaceful resolution of ... Read More »

An Overview of the Antinarcotics Law

By: Urainab The Control of Narcotic Substances Act, 1997 (hereinafter the CNSA), has been enacted, as a Special Law, mainly to curb the menace of narcotics in Pakistan. An offence under this Act is, in effect, an offence against the society. The principal object of the promulgation of the CNSA is to control the production, processing and trafficking of narcotics, ... Read More »

Pakistan Needs More Democracy, Not Technocracy

It’s the election year in Pakistan. The end of another democratically-elected government is here. For a country like Pakistan where democratic development remained hostage to intermittent military coups, and which enjoyed its first-ever peaceful democratic transition only after the last general election held in 2013, the successful completion of another democratic tenure is, undoubtedly, a landmark achievement. But not everyone ... Read More »


A look at the problems that hurt a country’s economy Economic crimes exist in many forms and are subject to punishment in accordance with their degree of severity. Although economic crimes are common in the developing countries, the developed part of the world, too, is not immune to such acts. In this article, some kinds of economic crimes are briefly ... Read More »

The Indus Waters Treaty

  India’s Bargaining Chip? ‘Whiskey is for drinking; water is for fighting over’, thus goes the oft-quoted line of Mark Twain, underscoring the momentousness of the water exigency that can foment messy warfare between and among the nation states. NASA’s satellite data in 2015 revealed that out of 37 large aquifers of the world, 21 are already moving past their ... Read More »

Latest Constitutional and Criminal Law Amendments in Pakistan

INTRODUCTION In 1932, the case of Lindbergh changed much in the criminal justice system of the United States. Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr., a 20-month-old son of aviator Charles Lindbergh, was kidnapped for ransom from his crib in his home on March 01. Police conducted an extensive search of the locality but despite their relentless efforts, the child was killed and ... Read More »