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May 2018

Jahangir’s World Times Magazine

The Cold War Redux

The Cold War Redux

Does expulsion of diplomats threaten the world peace? “I think we are coming to a situation that is similar, to a large extent, to what we lived during the Cold War … I am very concerned about the lack of mechanisms to defuse tensions, such as special channels for information-sharing between Washington and Moscow, which were dismantled with the end ... Read More »

Letters to the Editor (May 2018)

Cheating Leads to Nowhere This is sad to say that cheating culture is destroying the young students of Balochistan. We can’t reckon more than 10 percent of the students of Balochistan who can attempt papers without cheating. Unfortunately, the examiners allow the students to do so openly. Amazingly, they support them to cheat by bringing various answers of the questions. ... Read More »

The Pakistani Brand of Democracy (Editorial May 2018)

The terrible tyranny against the 'demos'

The terrible tyranny against the ‘demos’ “The end may justify the means as long as there is something that justifies the end.” ― Leon Trotsky The words ‘true democracy’, ‘sanctity of vote’ and ‘let the people decide’ are in the air nowadays. Although every democrat would support these ideals, yet most people, who form the ‘demos’ part of democracy, find ... Read More »