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November 2018

Jahangir’s World Times

Is free trade always the answer?

Is free trade always the answer?

As concerns over Donald Trump’s import tariffs intensify and Britain renegotiates its trading relationship with Europe, the postwar consensus towards ever-closer economic cooperation between wealthy nations is being unpicked. Why is Trade Good? Economists argue about a lot of things, yet many would probably agree on the benefits of free trade, which generates wealth by allowing the free flow of ... Read More »

Learning from ‘Modi Doctrine’

Learning from ‘Modi Doctrine’

“Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception” Only the bigoted would deny that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has very cleverly impregnated his country’s foreign policy with an unprecedented dynamism and assertiveness. Earlier this year, a study conducted by China Institute of International Studies (CIIS), a think tank affiliated with the Chinese foreign ministry, also ... Read More »

Three Visions on Future US Foreign Policy

Future US Foreign Policy

By: Ahmad Zubair The term foreign policy is defined as a set of political goals that illustrates the interaction of a country with the rest of the world. Attaining and protecting national interest, national security, ideological goals and economic prosperity constitute the primary focus of foreign policy of a state at the international level. In particular, the goal of US foreign ... Read More »

Frontier Technologies for Sustainable Development

Frontier Technologies for Sustainable Development

Executive Summary of World Economic and Social Survey 2018 Frontier technologies herald great hopes for humanity. They can help eradicate hunger and epidemics, increase life expectancy, reduce carbon emissions, automate manual and repetitive tasks, create decent jobs, improve quality of life and facilitate increasingly complex decision-making processes. Frontier technologies can indeed make sustainable development a reality, improving people’s lives, promoting ... Read More »

Trump’s Iran Policy

Iran Policy

By: Sina Azodi Is It Meant to Start a War? Much indicates that the likely murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi will be transformative for Saudi-US relations. But whether it will affect the one issue where Saudi pressure on the United States was the greatest – Iran – is unclear. The Iran strategy favoured by Saudi Arabia and the Netanyahu ... Read More »

Made in China 2025

Made in China

The Chinese Version of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Manufacturing has been the mainstay of the Chinese economy and a driver of its expansion. This was the sector that helped China rise to the level of being the world’s second biggest economy today. This impressive evolution was based on a large workforce, low wages and government support, as well as radical ... Read More »

Deciphering The ‘Chinese Dream’

Deciphering The 'Chinese Dream'

Xi’s vision for China’s future  “History tells us that everybody has one’s future and destiny closely connected to those of the country and the nation.” — President Xi Jinping of China The rest of the world rubs its eyes in astonishment. In just under three decades, China has transformed itself from being a bitter-poor developing country into a global economic ... Read More »

Letters to the Editor (November 2018)

Save Balochistan from Cancer Cancer is a deadly disease which is becoming common nowadays. But, the growing prevalence of cancer among people in Balochistan is especially alarming. There are few treatment facilities available for cancer patients in some parts of the province. But, the private hospitals where these facilities are available are way too expensive. Hence, cancer is spreading in ... Read More »

The Middle East as a falsifier of the Westphalian state

Middle East

By: Ammara Ilyas The focus of the world’s diplomacy is on two areas. Russian President Putin’s annexation of Crimea, and his perceived ‘new’ expansionism of foreign policy – on behalf of a state that is still massively nuclear-armed. The other area is the Middle East, with the turmoil caused by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS); and with ... Read More »