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August 2019

JWT Magazine August 2019 issue

Power Play in the Indian Ocean


Power Play in the Indian Ocean The Great Game Moves to Sea Magazine Desk India, China and the United States, the three major powers, which together account for nearly half of the global economy, are vying for influence in the Indian Ocean arena. All three of them view the region through their own geostrategic frameworks, ensuring intense jostling at best ... Read More »

Global Peace and Security


Global Peace and Security World Leaders Betray the Canons of Truth, Wisdom and Humanity Dr Mahboob A. Khawaja Today’s Political World at a Glance Global politics is overwhelmingly becoming robotic when question of safeguard of the mankind comes up. Global political leaders are fast becoming actors on stage – issuing abstract statements of outrage and expressing phony sense of grief ... Read More »

China’s Belt and Road of Science


China’s Belt and Road of Science BRI is also about building knowledge, not just things Aftab Abbasi The ancient silk routes were not for trade only, they boosted flow of knowledge as well … Through these routes, Buddhism, Islam and Arab astronomy, calendar and medicine found their way to China, while China’s four great inventions and silkworm breeding spread to ... Read More »