August 2019

JWT Magazine August 2019 issue

Trump-Khan Rendezvous Editorial (August 2019)

Trump-Khan Rendezvous A Reset in Pak-US Relations “There is some self interest behind every friendship. There is no friendship without self interests. This is a bitter Truth.”  ― Chanakya The first year of the present government of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf has been a mixture of successes and some failures, with foreign policy, indubitably, a success story and economic policy a damp …

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Welcome to Surreal Pakistan

Welcome to Surreal Pakistan A Vicarious Trip to Tourist Spots Magazine Desk Pakistan is full of breathtaking locations which will make you fall in love with this country all over again. From the mighty peaks of the Himalayas to the sandy, white beaches of the Arabia Sea, our country is rich in natural beauty, culture and history. Over the years, …

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In Conversation With MASROOR AHMED BIJARANI 2nd in Sindh, PCS 2013 (PCS 2013 result announced in Oct 2018)

In Conversation With MASROOR AHMED BIJARANI 2nd in Sindh, PCS 2013 (PCS 2013 result announced in Oct 2018) Catch Line JWT was my chief source of preparation for current affairs, not only in written part but also in interview. I collected almost all topics or information on national and international issues from JWT. The Sindh Public Service Commission conducted written examination of Rescheduled …

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Intra-Afghan Dialogue and Response of the Kabul Regime

Intra-Afghan Dialogue and Response of the Kabul Regime  Mairaj ul Hamid Nasri Afghanistan has seen a variety of peace processes and positive developments as well as many disappointments on the part of its government and the global community. But the reality is that no fruitful outcomes from these processes have been seen, and the Afghans are still living a miserable life. …

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Liaquat Ali Khan

Liaquat Ali Khan A True  Nationalist but Misunderstood Leader of Pakistan Iftikhar Ahmad Yousafzai & Zafar Iqbal Yousafzai The history and life of no other politician and leader in Pakistan is shrouded in misperceptions and mysteries as that of Liaquat Ali Khan, the first prime minister of our beloved homeland and the most trusted companion of its founding father Quaid-i-Azam …

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Gender Inequality and Discrimination

Gender Inequality and Discrimination A look at the perceptions Dr Rajkumar In every society, people as male and as female are expected to make an exclusive role performance. This role internalisation is done through a process of gender socialisation. Irrespective of gender, people have equal access to resources and services necessary to achieve their individual potential and fulfil their obligations …

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Economic Sanctions and International Law

Economic Sanctions and International Law “Modern-day economic sanctions and blockades are comparable with medieval sieges of towns … Twenty-first century sanctions attempt to bring not just a town, but sovereign countries to their knees.” Prof. Dr. Alfred de Zayas (American lawyer, writer, historian, and Former special UN Rapporteur) Shahzad Husain With the success of comprehensive financial sanctions against Iran over …

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World in Focus (Jun-Jul 2019)

National June 16: Pakistan Army announced postings and transfers of three-star officers, appointing Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed as new Director General of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). June 16: Pakistan’s former Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif was granted first extension in his service as Commander of 39-country Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC). June 16: Eminent poet Zehra …

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Rethinking Urbanization in Pakistan

Rethinking Urbanization in Pakistan The Population Bomb and Food Security Muhammad Atif Sheikh Beware! Our cities are fast eating up our agricultural lands and the threat of being food insecure looms large in the urban population of our country. This was what Mr Rana Riaz Mehmood, Assistant Horticulture Officer, Lahore, stunned me with. This forewarning made me think as to …

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