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December 2019

JWT Magazine November 2019 issue

Reaping the Demographics Dividend through Education


Reaping the Demographics Dividend through Education Maaz A. Minhas Pakistan has a great demographic opportunity for rapid economic progress as its growing population enters adulthood. However, mass illiteracy and issues of undereducation can cripple the vast potential of the nation’s youth. How well the country is able to educate its public will determine its ability to maximize the benefits of ... Read More »

UK Elections 2019 A Quick Guide


UK Elections 2019 A Quick Guide On 31st October, the British Parliament, owing to disagreements in the House of Commons about Brexit, passed legislation to make provision for a snap general election. Resultantly, The United Kingdom is going to have a general election on December 12.  These national votes, to choose a government to run the country, are supposed to ... Read More »

The Unholy Mess of US Middle Eastern Strategy


The Unholy Mess of US Middle Eastern Strategy Fear of instability looming large Anatol Lieven  President Donald Trump’s recent surprise acquiescence to a Turkish incursion into northern Syria is being increasingly seen as a betrayal of a loyal partner, and it has made American allies in the region jittery as they are alarmed by his sheer unpredictability. His inconsistent and ... Read More »

Regional Comprehensive Economic programme (RCEP)


Regional Comprehensive Economic programme (RCEP) The world’s biggest trade deal On November 04, fifteen Asian countries agreed to terms for the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) that is being termed the world’s biggest trade pact. What began in 2012 as a routine harmonizing of agreements between members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) is now set to turn ... Read More »

Operation Peace Spring


Operation Peace Spring Turkey’s military offence in northern Syria Aftab H. Wahla West-instigated ‘democratization’ of the Middle East, i.e. the Arab Spring, continues to devastate the region with endless, brutal civil wars, foreign interventions, unstable and fragile democratic regimes, instrumentalization of proxy wars, expansionist policies of regional countries, intensification of sectarian and nationalist propensities, mass displacement-led refugee crisis, the emergence ... Read More »

Israel-Palestine Conflict and IR Theories


Israel-Palestine Conflict and IR Theories Is peace between Israelis and Palestinians possible? Peace is sought out and desired by leaders of nations as an alternative to war and conflict. However, defining what peace entails is often challenging. It is easier to recognize what peace is not rather than what it ought to be. For the purposes of this article, this ... Read More »

Afghanistan after 18 Years of US Occupation


Afghanistan after 18 Years of US Occupation Flawed strategies, ambiguous policies and the way forward Mairaj ul Hamid Nasri The United States has completed its 18 years in Afghanistan. On 07th of October 2001, it attacked this country by launching ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’ here under the umbrella of NATO and backed by UN resolution 1368 with an apparent aim to ... Read More »