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December 2019

JWT Magazine November 2019 issue

Terrorism in the Age of Globalization


Terrorism in the Age of Globalization Dr Rajkumar Singh Terrorism, which has been motivated by ideological, religious and national reasons, has added to its concern issues like inequality, injustice, dissatisfaction and antiglobalist movements, due to development and technology in the world. In order to clarify this shift in the policy, the concepts of terrorism and globalization are first explained as ... Read More »

Strategy to Score High in English Essay Paper


Strategy to Score High in  English Essay Paper   Bakhtiar Ismail (PAS), 1st in Balochistan, CSS 2017-18 (Essay Marks 66) Essay is the very paper most aspirants fail. Reason? Lack of practice! Most aspirants know the reason but still they do not practice. If one cannot practice a long essay daily, one should write, at least, outline, introduction and conclusion ... Read More »