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February 2019

Jahangir’s World Times

The Afghan Imbroglio

The Afghan Imbroglio

Switch your TV on, you will watch news on Afghanistan; look at the newspaper, you will read about Afghanistan; scroll home pages of Facebook and Twitter down or up, you will find dozens of news stories, articles and features related to political and military developments in Afghanistan. Amidst this flux of news, one question that arises in everyone’s mind is: ... Read More »

Time to Get Out of Afghanistan


After more than 17 years of conflict, the White House has signalled its intent to withdraw from Afghanistan. Washington’s current efforts to reach a peace deal with the Taliban highlight its increasing impatience with the enduring war in Afghanistan and its desire to leave the conflict. It needs to be remembered that the United States, which sent troops to Afghanistan ... Read More »

The Middle East in 2019

The Middle East in 2019

The year 2018 witnessed many important political affairs in the Middle East; from Syrian civil war to Israel-Palestine peace process stalemate, from the war against ISIL in Iraq to the warfare in Yemen. Although the dawn of peace emerged in some regional wars, the year 2019 might be another tumultuous year for the Middle East and regional states. Since many ... Read More »

The World’s Next Superpower Can the EU Fill America’s Shoes?

The World's Next Superpower

Europe is gradually emerging as the world’s new superpower. Experts believe that within a couple of decades, the European Union will equal – if not surpass – the United States as the dominant economic force on the world stage. At present, the EU is enormously prosperous and technologically advanced. It encompasses four of the Big Seven economic powers: Germany, Great ... Read More »

Why World Economy is so Fragile?

World Economy

According to Goldman Sachs, the momentum of global economic growth slowed markedly in 2018. The most globally significant slowdown has been in the Chinese economy – the main engine of global growth since the financial crisis of 2007-08. But, Germany and Japan also recorded economic contractions in the third quarter of last year, i.e. 2018. Stock markets have also been ... Read More »

THE US GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN and the Primacy of the President in International Affairs


Introduction Law and politics are intertwined; the political ideas derive their legitimacy through the vehicle of law. Francis Fukuyama, while tracing the origins of these political ideas in his celebrated article ‘The End of History’ (that later became main thesis of his book titled ‘The End of History and the Last Man’) noted: “For better or worse, much of Hegel’s ... Read More »

China’s Mission to the “Dark Side” of the Moon

China's Mission to the “Dark Side” of the Moon

On January 03, China successfully landed a robotic spacecraft – Chang’e-4 – on the far side of the Moon, the first ever such attempt and landing. Named after the mythical moon goddess Chang’e, the Chang’e-4 mission will test plant growth and listen for radio emissions normally blocked by Earth’s atmosphere. Chang’e-4 landed in a vast impact region measuring some 2,500km ... Read More »



Vision 2030 is the latest and most ambitious iteration of Saudi Arabia’s policy for economic diversification, intended to adapt one of the world’s most oil-dependent economies for a transition to a post-oil future. Despite never explicitly mentioning politics, it has profoundly political implications. If it were to be actually implemented, Vision 2030 would seem to dismantle the political economy model ... Read More »