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World in Focus (Nov-Dec 2018)

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NATIONAL Nov 16: Pakistan’s first Austro Turf cricket stadium was inaugurated in Balochistan’s Chaman city. Nov 16: CPEC media forum, organised by the China Economic Net and Pakistan-China Institute, was held in Beijing. During the forum, lawmakers and opinion-makers from China and Pakistan called for joint efforts to highlight cooperation between the two countries and counter propaganda against the CPEC ... Read More »

Sources of International Law

International Law

By: Sarfraz Saroya International law devotes a great deal of attention to its sources. Scholars have produced a large body of work about both the conditions under which treaties, customs, or general principles of law bind actors and the hierarchy among the various doctrinal forms which might apply in a given instance. International law is made largely on a decentralized ... Read More »

The Kashmir Dispute

The Kashmir Dispute

History and the Way Forward Homes dynamited, children orphaned, women widowed and half-widowed, eyes blinded, legs amputated, basic facilities destroyed, human rights violated, political rights trampled on, legal rights usurped; this is the valley of Kashmir the present state of which is exposing the reality of the United Nations Charter. It lays bare the liberal values of Western democracies, the ... Read More »

English for CSS, PMS Précis & Comprehension

Précis and Comprehension

Précis Sample Paragraph There are various ways of getting a knowledge of character—by looks, words, actions. The first of these, which seems the most superficial, is perhaps the safest, and least liable to deceive; nay, it is that which mankind, in spite of their pretending to the contrary, most generally go by. Professions pass for nothing and actions may be ... Read More »

The Belt and Road Initiative

The Belt and Road Initiative

A Bellwether of China’s Role in Global Governance China, a rising power in the US-led international order, has significantly expanded its global clout since President Xi Jinping took office in 2013. The country’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), in particular, reflects a more assertive Chinese leadership on the global stage and plays a central role in Xi’s fight for the ... Read More »


INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPHS  Accountability without Impartiality will be of No Use to Pakistan Many are the factors responsible for hauling Pakistan towards the situation it is confronted with at the moment. Political instability, economic disorder, social degradation, administrative chaos: this is that best defines the prevailing conditions in the beloved country of all Pakistanis. How to move forward and put things ... Read More »