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June 2019

Jahangir’s World Times Magazine

Ensuring Energy, Water and Food Security


Ensuring Energy, Water and Food Security Shafqat Javed Water scarcity is the biggest threat to fertile lands in the country which, in turn, means serious consequences for the industrial sector. Pakistan is already a water-scarce country as owing to the poor state of infrastructure about two-third is lost due to poor transmission and seepage.  Water scarcity hurts the entire agricultural chain ... Read More »

US-China Trade War


US-China Trade War A dangerous game is on! Magazine Desk During the US-China trade talks in Washington D.C., Chinese and American trade negotiators could not reach a truce. Later, on May 10th, the United States carried through on its threat to ratchet up tariffs on Chinese goods. China vowed to retaliate and impose similar tariffs on American goods. So, the ... Read More »

The Two-State Solution


The Two-State Solution Keeping the Hope of Peace Alive Federica Mogherini Our common region—the Mediterranean and the wider Middle East—is going through a long and difficult transition. The war in Syria is not yet over, and Libya is still torn by violence and instability. While there are new hopes for de-escalation in Yemen, the road to peace is still long. ... Read More »



Of key players in The NEW GREAT GAME Abdul Rasool Syed With the collapse of Soviet Union back in 1991, the great game that began between the Russian and the British Empire, and culminated in the fight for dominance over Afghanistan, came to an end. This, however, created a power vacuum in the Central Asian region that rich in with ... Read More »

Public Diplomacy


China’s Newest Charm Offensive Since its creation by Joshua Kurlantzick in 2007, the term ‘charm offensive’ has emerged in the study of International Relations as a reference to China’s use of soft power to augment its global status and image. While the idea of China charming the world with its economic and cultural prowess has not changed too much, the ... Read More »

Commercial Forestry in Pakistan


Commercial Forestry in Pakistan Public Private Partnerships is the way to go! M.H. Rehman One of the major causes of climate change is deforestation. As human population and industrialization have grown, so have human settlements and use of timber for multiple purposes. This means much of the land that previously had forests and other vegetation on it has been, on ... Read More »

Budget-Making in Pakistan

Budget-Making in Pakistan Say Yes to Transparency Zafrullah Saroya In modern governance, the budget of a state is one of the most powerful fiscal instruments at the disposal of an incumbent government to implement its political commitments and development agenda. Tabled every year in the parliament, the budget contains the ideas that are to be translated into implementable policies prioritized by ... Read More »

Arab Spring 2.0


Analyzing the mass movements in Algeria and Sudan Change is the only permanent phenomenon in this world. The longevity of status quo makes it only more vulnerable against evolution. Some of these transitions are short-lived while some last long but the world is never like before when it goes through revolution. International politics also undergoes change from time to time. ... Read More »